A new type of dressage

So we all know that there’s dressage, and now there’s a thing called western dressage. But while I was uber bored last week waiting for Amber to feel better, I kept watching this little video my mom took for me before Amber was adjusted, and I just kept snickering.

So, I introduce to you: Huntssage. Because I’m pretty sure that’s what Amber and I will be doing, even if I manage to get lessons and a real dressage saddle and sit my shoulders back. I need to work on things for sure, but I think her head is never going to be “up” and “true dressage” will be out of our reach. Not because we (okay me) don’t want to work on it, but I seriously don’t think physically she has that reach or build. A QH I knew had major hock/stifle issues because the lady was pushing him to dressage and he physically was not able to. Another QH is officially not rideable anymore because pushing dressage caused a previously okay stifle OCD to pop up and it’s resulted in lots of surgeries. Soooooo I’m a bit hesitant. But we’ll probably go at most BN. Which does not require horses to Truly Dressage. So, nbd.

It’s going to be a new thing, guys. Huntssage. Or Dresster maybe? I think I like Huntssage better….

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