Guys, it’s done. It’s been scheduled. I take Amber up to the vet May 9th for her arthroscopic surgery appointment on May 10.

She’s so wild when we groom and tack up lol

I am a bundle of nerves lol. I wouldn’t be as nervous if she didn’t have to go under to have the procedure. She’s already had to have surgery once, and everything was totally fine of course. We just worry about our ponies don’t we? lol I am probably more worried about the news after surgery than the actual surgery lol. I spoke with Dr W last night, and we decided to look at her stifle, check the integrity of the cartilage and the fluid and the joint with the possibility that it could also be a meniscus tear. While she’s under, he’ll also go back into her knee and remove at least one bone chip. It’s in the front of her knee and shows up on x-rays, as does another one. One of the reasons those weren’t removed in initial surgery was they were not interfering with her movement and the biggest one that shows up was potentially too deep/invasive to get out. So perhaps one of those has been affecting her knee recently, and it’ll be another relief for me once it’s gone.

So now we’re getting somewhere again! I rode her yesterday a bit, and she was a super girl. She wasn’t pushing as much as she usually does, and seemed a little backed off than usual. I think she wasn’t quite feeling herself yesterday, but she also was in the English saddle. She made a protest when I girthed her up (which she never does – and hasn’t ever done in western tack) so I was checking my saddle on her. With her loss of muscle, I’m sure it’s a little wide for her now. But instead of posting I sat her trot, and that seemed to help her loosen a bit, but she still wasn’t quite herself.

#funwithfilters lol And my new Mango Bay belt!

After a bit of trotting and trying to get her to push juuuuust a little more (she was oddly curling behind the bit which she usually doesn’t do either, but no biggie) I decided to just walk around outside the arena in view of the barn a bit. She was upset and jigged at first, especially when Whisper was nickering and running around in her stall, but as we kept walking and I was petting her she calmed considerable and was back to her relaxed self. I definitely think the ride yesterday was indicative of her stifle really bothering her. She wasn’t “bad” and never is – even when opinionated – but she just seemed down. I think it’s definitely time for the surgery, and I won’t ride her too much in the next week. I’m just glad we can finally get this going, considering she was supposed to have this surgery by February!

As my vet and I laughed about last night – she sure is special in more ways than one lol.

14 Comments on “Scheduled

  1. ugh i’d be worried too. the idea of our beloved ponies laid out for surgery is… not comfortable 😦 seems like it’s the right choice and the right time for her tho, and my fingers are crossed that the news coming out of it is promising. charlie’s undergone multiple surgeries now too – once before i owned him and then for the splint removal. it’s… stressful and scary and sad. modern medicine is amazing tho, so hopefully it all works out!


    • Yeah it’s not comfortable at all. The surgery I’m not worried about because as you said modern medicine is great – we just worry about our equine partners as we do our dogs and cats and other animals. Thank you for the support!


  2. Sending all the good thoughts your way! We worry enough as horse owners when nothing at all is going on. Can’t wait for an update!


  3. Wishing an easy, straight-forward procedure and a good report following!


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