Frustrated. Suggestions?

So remember back when I was cleared to ride Amber lightly and work her up I bought new Lund dressage stirrup leathers?

Ummmmm….. I still haven’t gotten them.

I emailed back and forth with Rob Jensen until about mid-September, I’ve emailed them again, I’ve FB messaged them, and I’ve filled out the “contact us” form on their website. Crickets. The charge is there on my credit card, and at this point, I’m about to call them and have them remove it since I can’t get a hold of them and I’ve never received a shipping notification (I have before), so I don’t think it’s lost in the mail.

I waited this long because things can be hectic during holidays, but I feel like it’s been plenty long enough for them to have gotten a hold of me.

I am really not sure what else to do except get the charge off my card. Is anyone else having issues? Does anyone else know perhaps why no one’s getting back to me?

Here’s a completely unrelated photo of an adorable doxie begging for food while you just want to play your game lol

18 Comments on “Frustrated. Suggestions?

  1. So, I tried to go on their website a few weeks back and it’s MIA. And their FB page hasn’t been updated since May or June. I wonder if the company is having some issues? I REALLY like their stuff, so would be disappointed if this was the case.
    If I were you I’d contact your cc company. I feel like you’ve tried every other option. I’d be upset too

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    • I know! I really like their stuff and want to keep supporting them, but I feel like I’ve given them a lot of leeway and opportunities to get it fixed and it just isn’t. Thanks!


  2. yikes that sounds pretty bogus to me. i’m all about supporting small companies but…. this isn’t exactly a tax deductible charity contribution – i’d want the item i paid for or my money back!

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  3. I talked to Rob mid-September and he gave me the new website:

    I know they changed manufacturers and are shipping directly from the factory, but I haven’t bought anything from them lately (I was actually about to, so I’m sooo glad you posted this!), so don’t know if anything has happened since then. I’d go through your credit card company and get your money back.

    Keep us updated- I really love their stuff and was about to buy a new girth and reins, but am definitely holding off because of this.

    Good luck!

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    • Yeah mid-September was the last I heard from Rob. And that was the website I ordered the stirrups from – The site does work – as in my payment went through to them through the 3rd party it was supposed to – but yeah even after doing the “contact us” from their new site it’s still crickets. So yes, I’d hold off on purchasing anything for right now. Glad my post was able to help!


  4. yikes that does suck. Choco does make it slightly less painful but i agree with everyone else. Hopefully you can figure it out and get them but for now get your money back!! That shit doesnt grow on trees 🙂

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  5. Ugh I had a problem with Ogilvy years back and managed to get the owners personal cell phone number and harass him that way. I eventually got my good but it honestly was not the way to go if you want to harbor good will towards each other. I recommend just getting the charge removed from your card and finding another product.

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    • Oh yeah that doesn’t sound like fun. Sorry that happened to you! Yeah just as you said, if I still want some good-will it’d probably just be best to get the charge removed. Thanks!


  6. From what I know, I don’t think they have any product right now and and don’t know when they’re going to get any. So… you might be better off just cancelling the charge.

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