Easy weekends

So, I am a wimp. I really didn’t ride this weekend. It was only 50 during the day with a cold north wind coming in. Which like…I know 50 is warm for you guys. I’m just….a delicate flower haha! Totally joking but after it being mid-high 60s, low 50s with a 20mph wind is very chilly. But I DID have more sister/friend time, saw Star Wars 8, lots of episodes of my fav show, and got more done on my painting. It doesn’t look like much but….I did get a lot done haha.

After! Paint by number makes things easy and mindless lol

Amber is doing well, though! Her cut is healing nicely. Today marks the day we stop with the betadine flushing, but keep on with the salt water flush for her mouth and bute 2x a day for only 3 more days! So now I can start putting some Neosporin on her cut, and hopefully it’ll close up nicely!

Her jawbone is still pretty swollen – I’m really hoping that’ll go down and she won’t have this lopsided jaw, but if it stays at least it’ll just be cosmetic. Her nosebands will be even harder to fit, but we’ll take it as it comes!

Quite lopsided and weird looking, but she’s still adorable!

Because I didn’t ride and didn’t get anything of real consequence – here’s a quick video compilation of my ride on Whisper on Thursday. I’m chatting a lot through the ride explaining to my mom what I’m doing so I just silenced it. Whisper got a little behind and flat in the canter over the pole, but poles and trail brings her a lot of worry. I think they over-drilled her when she was younger, but the whole ride I was so pleased that after every miss with the striding on the poles, she’d only have one over-try before settling and letting me help her just the fraction she needed. Usually when she gets very worried about things it’s so hard for her to settle again, so I was so happy with where her brain was the whole ride.

After I rode, I had my mom hop on and play around with Whisper’s tuned-up buttons, and they looked great! Well on the way to really getting it.

I must need to investigate all of this!

Hopefully, I’ll get a product review in this week but if not, I’ll keep everyone updated on Amber’s progress!

8 Comments on “Easy weekends

  1. ugh that poor jaw 😦 hopefully it does go down in time!! charlie’s leg….. has not really gone down. like, at all. it continues to look like a limb that has undergone some trauma. but it’s only been like three months, so maybe this time next year it’ll be a different story?


    • Yeah the vets told me the bone wouldn’t go down. Which…I’m not upset about but I do wish/hope it does. But you have a good point! Sometimes scars take years to go down, so maybe that’ll happen with Charlie’s leg and Amber’s jaw?


  2. That cut is looking super mate, and well on the way to healing nicely! go you 🙂
    i love how your horses just lope around on a long rein, it’s my goal this next week to trot and canter moo on a long rein. He is far too tense when i take up the contact.
    Any advice on doing this, please let me know, i’m always up for some good advice!
    mel x


    • Thanks! I’m hoping it continues it’s upward trajectory. It’s really become such a habit for me to drop reins after all these years of western lol. I do have a few tips so I’ll message them to you!

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  3. i am glad it is healing well but poor Amber. And yay Whisper looks great…..i wish i could do paint by number even LMAO I suck. Have a great week and healing thoughts to Amber!!


    • Yeah Amber is….special. Even my vet has finally come to realize that she’s probably going to be special in many things haha. I love painting, but many days I don’t have enough brain power to come up with my own design much less actually paint it so paint by number is great lol

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