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LOTS of stress

Life has been…..stressful lately lol. But I kind of feel like whose life hasn’t been stressful?? haha While there isn’t “much” going on, there’s been a lot in the background, and a few things right at the forefront. So the good things! First off,… Continue Reading “LOTS of stress”


Hello everyone! Time for another (very boring) update, but thankfully pieces are moving and I’m excited about things going forward. The only downer recently is that it’s been 1 full year since my sister’s accident, which feels impossible, but it has been that long.… Continue Reading “Updates”

That was short-lived

Things were looking up for a pretty good amount of time, so I kept my eyes open for another horse in maybe the near-ish future as my back kept improving and I was feeling more confident to ride. I joined some FB sites, and… Continue Reading “That was short-lived”

Another ride down

I finally got the guts to try another ride. This healing process has just been so slow, and when I set myself back a few weeks ago I’ve been extremely hesitant to really do anything. Monsoon weather has been upon us and while I’m loving… Continue Reading “Another ride down”

Riding(ish) Again

When I first tried to ride again some weeks back, I was left feeling disappointed. I’d ridden bareback, 10 minutes at a slow walk, and just didn’t feel too well after. With just a chiro, my back was hitting a plateau, so he agreed… Continue Reading “Riding(ish) Again”

Blog Hop: 20 (very random) Questions

I thought this would be a very fun thing to do, but was supposed to get this posted a while ago, and I just never got around it it haha. Well, better late than never! After reading Amanda and Michele’s blogs I figured this… Continue Reading “Blog Hop: 20 (very random) Questions”


Since my last post there really hasn’t been much that’s been going on, but in an effort to get back into blogging a bit more frequently I’ll do a bit of a recap. It’s been a long waiting game for many things the past… Continue Reading “Sidelined”

Holiday Clothing Steals: PS of Sweden First Impressions

Ugh, they got me. Despite some good Black Friday and Christmas sales at most places, the things I needed were not discounted – supplements, gloves, BOT, and others. Most things on sale just weren’t things I wanted anyway. BUT PS of Sweden had some… Continue Reading “Holiday Clothing Steals: PS of Sweden First Impressions”

New Faces

I have a few draft posts of lessons I’ve been taking, different horses I’ve ridden and learned on. I got backed up on those despite wanting to post more because I didn’t have time to edit video footage, and my schoolwork is ramping up… Continue Reading “New Faces”

Wait a few seconds

Waiting is one of the hardest things to do, I think. My worst enemy (and I feel so many of us riders can relate to each other!) is cantering down an entire long side and waiting for that jump. In my case, it was… Continue Reading “Wait a few seconds”

In Loving Memory of Chocolate Mousse

On July 6, 2021, we had to say goodbye to our most beloved family member. She officially turned 17 on June 24. I honestly don’t think it matters whether the downward progression is slow or sudden – losing a beloved pet is devastating. For… Continue Reading “In Loving Memory of Chocolate Mousse”

6 Months

Oh wow, I haven’t blogged in 6 months! Not too much has been going on, so there hasn’t really been too much to say. Ever since I hurt my ankle and was recovering from that I have been taking it easy. No lessons, and… Continue Reading “6 Months”

Hello Again

I looked back at when at last posted and that was at the end of August. So it’s been a while! Between helping my mom after her treatments, nearly tearing the ligament/tendon in my ankle, more school, and everything else going on, I haven’t… Continue Reading “Hello Again”

Catching Up

I’ve certainly been lagging in blogging. I get halfway through before something else comes up, or I’m working on other things, and it falls by the wayside. There’s just not much for me to really say even, especially since it’s been god-awful hot and… Continue Reading “Catching Up”

4th of July (Small) Tack Haul

It has certainly been interesting since I last posted. I’d meant to post an adorable photo dump of Amber being the perfect babysitter for my niece (and I still will post that), but things started happening one after the other so it doesn’t feel… Continue Reading “4th of July (Small) Tack Haul”

More jumping and lots of media!

As the week went on between my last lesson and my Feb 1 lesson, I kept remembering how well the line rode (tho still not perfect) when I sat up and back in between the fences. So, I made that my goal for this… Continue Reading “More jumping and lots of media!”

Still alive

Aside from some lessons (which will be posted soon!) not much has been going on around here. Back in December I noticed Amber’s knee swelling again. The farrier had just trimmed her, so I knew it wasn’t her foot bothering her. While her stifle… Continue Reading “Still alive”

The 2010s Challenge

I loved the 2010s post May As Well Event did, so before the end of 2019, here is mine! 2010 This was my second/third semester in college. I was having a blast beginning my Equine Science degree, but not getting up at 6 am… Continue Reading “The 2010s Challenge”

15 Years Young

Choco turned 15 in June, and she’s still going strong. She has never enjoyed clothes and baths since we’ve had her – she’d much prefer either a nest of blankets or burrowing into you for her warmth, but she would always race around the… Continue Reading “15 Years Young”

Not-so-wordless Wednesday

I’ve uh…really been meaning to blog. Honestly. But when you’re trying really hard to do this – – the small things get put on the back burner (basically anything fun lol). Well, except riding, thankfully. However many weeks ago (maybe 2 now…?) the vet… Continue Reading “Not-so-wordless Wednesday”


Ya’ll. It’s been a whirlwind. But I am so, so thankful, because I received good news about Amber, and my sister was released from the hospital Tuesday. As I was drawing up some plans with Amber to blog about, I got the call Friday afternoon that… Continue Reading “Thankful”

Amber update: vet visit! (finally)

Yesterday, Amber’s check up was finally here. Not quite, but it certainly feels like it. It’s been 4 long months of just sitting here twiddling my thumbs since the last check up. The waiting game is never fun, and with Amber on strict stall… Continue Reading “Amber update: vet visit! (finally)”

This sucks

For the past 2 years, I have managed to evade the Plague of sicknesses. It could also be because whenever sick people are at work I Clorox every single thing I’m going to touch. Well, I didn’t this time. I blame my coworker who… Continue Reading “This sucks”

Dealing with the heat

Heat stress or exhaustion or stroke is no joke. As a sufferer of heat stroke myself, I completely understand people’s intolerance of the heat. Especially now that monsoon season came early for Las Vegas (it usually hits around late August/early September), the heat index… Continue Reading “Dealing with the heat”

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been pretty silent this week, but busy + not much to say = no posts haha. Amber and I continue to chug away at our walking and stretching and she’s looking promising again so I hope our vet appointment can… Continue Reading “Happy Friday!”

Thoughtful Thursday: Preparing to show

Just as a HUGE note before anyone gets too far in this – this is a video on preparing to show your horse for Reining. With that out of the way, it’s still just a super cool, fantastic video about what a trainer does to… Continue Reading “Thoughtful Thursday: Preparing to show”

Never thought I’d see the day

So I’ve officially ridden in the new dressage saddle for a few weeks now, and I have to say – I never thought I’d see the day I’d not only have a dressage saddle on Amber, but that I’d also ever even OWN a… Continue Reading “Never thought I’d see the day”

Positivity and a (sort of) healthy mentality

It’s been difficult to keep a healthy mentality through Amber’s surgery and recovery. As positive as I am in a lot of my posts, it’s been very tough not to get down by the whole thing, especially since the vet and I agreed that… Continue Reading “Positivity and a (sort of) healthy mentality”

When it rains it pours (tack ho edition)

It feels like I got a heap of stuff around the same time. Which is pretty true and absolutely awesome. My tack ho heart is happy. It’s like Christmas in the middle of July…….or end of June, but close enough lol. Most of it is… Continue Reading “When it rains it pours (tack ho edition)”

Outside the arena

It’s no question – Amber walks so much better outside of the arena than she does inside. Mostly I think that has to do with the fact that in the arena she has to actually lift her leg higher than she wants to or thinks… Continue Reading “Outside the arena”