The barn is here!

Nothing much happened yesterday since it was a long day at work, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

The guys with High Desert Barns finally arrived! Last night they pulled in two large trucks full of panels for our new barn. We went over the “plan” with them on the pad for a few minutes before they headed out. They’ve already started measuring this morning – bright and early at 6 am!


We are of course jumping up and down now that they’re here. Choco enjoyed surveying the action from her “perch” last night.

Afterwards I went to see Amber to give her a small lunge. She continues to improve I think – still a wee bit short when she lengthened to a huge trot but it was very apparent that she was feeling much more comfortable when she cantered. Her left lead was just a little more fluid, and she was a lot more willing to relax and lengthen herself to the right which was her problem direction before.

You’ll be with us soon, girls! Very soon!

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