2017 Show Outfits

Amanda and Emma have done these posts and I love reading them because I love seeing what everyone uses and loves and it gives me reasons to spend money great ideas on stuff to use. Also, all of my posts so far have really featured english, which is where I’m going but I thought it would be a lot of fun to show you guys my western show clothes as well.

For all of you traditional hunter (maybe jumper) people, you might want to shield your eyes.

For the most part, I’m a traditionalist, too. I love the classic hunter look and the sometimes outside-the-box look for jumpers. But western introduced me to colors and fun and BLING. And I have to admit that I really love bling. Not over the top stuff (have you SEEN some of those show shirts that cost like $2,000?! Yes, that’s 3 zeros), but occasionally there will be this thing of crazy bling or color that I love. Western really let me have fun with the sparkles.


I have a custom show hat by Shorty’s Custom Hattery in camel color. It really only “goes” with my brown outfit, but I think it works fine for the others. I usually wear Ariat boots either brown or black and some small roweled spurs and fun spur straps. No clue what the brand is for the spurs/spur straps.

My chaps are from Hobby Horse, and they’re the microsuede, super lightweight ones. I got my brown and black pairs on a super good Halloween sale, and I wear a brown/black pair of Irideon tights underneath them. Those pairs have belt loops so there’s no issue with me adding a belt.

I have 2 Hobby Horse show shirts (tigris and French blue) and one that I found on eBay for a steal (royal/black). I got the French blue shirt for a steal as well, and forked over some money for the tigris since it was my first love and remains my all time favorite show shirt.

To go with those show shirts I have 3 Mayatex show pads. All of them are the thin wool pads and I use an Impact gel contoured felt pad underneath all of them.

My saddle is a KO Trading Company elite cowhorse saddle, and while it doesn’t have any silver on it, I like it just fine with the nice tooling. I didn’t want silver on my saddle for daily use (ugh, all that polishing), so it’s plain. Her show headstall is from Rodeo Drive, along with the royal blue/champagne Swarovski crystal buckles and silver accents. Her bit is simple: a Tom Balding or Billy Allen bit (it goes under both names). It has a short shank and a “Myler” mouthpiece and she loves it, so she shows and schools in it. As for reins they’re just thin, generic split reins. I have no idea what brand they are.

We’ll be showing in these in the Sept-Nov shows because I still have a few reining goals I want to fulfill before we really jump into eventing, but yay for sparkles! (I know, I’m sorry, it’s a lot of bling).

Right now for English we’ll just be doing HUS in the Sept-Nov shows. I’d love to do some jumper classes but I don’t think we’ll be ready for those before September. I have my new Equine Athletics show coat and Roeckl navy gloves to wear that I am very excited about. I have 2 pairs of tan Devon-Aire breeches that I show in (although I’m hoping to replace those soon), and I actually show in paddock boots and half chaps. During the summer I have a white Ariat show sunstopper shirt. My current paddocks are old (like 5-10 years) so I’m planning to replace them with Ariat Heritage III or Ariat V sport zip paddock boots. I believe my half chaps are Ariat Concord half chaps with leather on the outside, a back zipper and suede on the inside. I use these only for showing. My helmet is an Ovation schooler with a black helmet cover over it. Yep. Classy. I’d love to get more of those jox socks but I use absolutely nothing special.

Most of the stuffs

With our new tack I will show her in our Prestige Sinead shoulder-free saddle with my mom’s generic silver stirrups. The all black stirrups will probably not fly in the hunter ring, and a monoflap is probably questionable, but it’s the last 3 local shows of the season and it’s the saddle that fits her so that’s what we’re doing. I’ll show her in the Flying Change bridle even though the hunter gods will probably not like that either. At least I’m not adding my bling browband…. I’ll change out my Thinline reins for my 64″ Ovation laced reins. When Amber has her head in QH HUS position I can barely get a loop in the reins even with Warmblood sized. I currently don’t have a leather girth that works for her. I’m looking at the Nunn Finer Passage but who the hell knows. She used to ride in a loose ring sweet iron jointed snaffle, and now she rides in a loose ring sweet iron snaffle with the Myler mouthpiece. Not too much change there.

I’m slowly acquiring things for future eventing, but I am actually looking towards brown tack for dressage. I have my eyes on the Bates saddles (for many reasons). For xc and show jumping I have a few things now, but ultimately our colors will be navy and light blue because it’s our barn colors, and Amber just looks fantastic in blue. Opposite ends of the color wheel and all, you know?

Anyway, that’s about it! Ah, sorry for the bombardment of sparkles…. JK. Totally not sorry.

4 Comments on “2017 Show Outfits

  1. lol i kinda dig the sparkles tho! seems like soon enough you’ll have enough show outfits amassed to ride in just about any ring any where in any discipline lol. also tho that western bridle sure looks pretty on her, esp with the blue detailing in the hardware


    • Which was totally not my plan to have this many outfits, but hey, class 1 tack ho right here lol. Thanks! Yeah I love that headstall on her. I’ll probably use these to show my mom’s horse lol


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