Randomness and ramblings

Well, yeah cause there’s really nothing going on here. Since the barn is done, we’ve just been doing odds and ends around it. The grader finished the arena. It is gorgeous and I can’t wait to ride in it.

Our QAA inspector came by and checked us off as good to go. We put mats down and I think it looks pretty darn good, but we still need to wait for the county inspector.

We also had the grader put some of the arena sand in the runs since our ponies love sleeping outside and the pad was hard packed. So we worked on smoothing it out. Hello softness!

The garage door company worker popped by and installed a garage door for our feed room. It’s going to make unloading bales much easier for everyone and looks good.

Sunday is our third cavaletti clinic, and I’m pretty pumped for that. We haven’t been able to really do much prep work for it in the past two weeks, but I think it will be okay. If nothing else, maybe I can snag a ride at our new arena to prep for Sunday. We’ll see how that turns out.

Otherwise it’s all the legwork now that the barn is done – installing something like chicken wire to keep the bunnies out of the hay room, figuring out what hay supplier to use, putting in bridle and saddle stands/racks, putting up wood around the base of the stalls, figuring out dumpster sizes, figuring out fly control, that sort of stuff. We’ll see what we can get done this weekend.

Thanks for being my headrest….

And, since we’ll be organizing the tack room, I’ll be going through my things and you know what that means….. Tack Sale! So hopefully sometime soon I’ll have a tack sale post to get rid of everything I don’t need/want anymore so I can make room for new stuff. But I’m starting to do that for all of my riding clothes as well. Not only trying to get more matchy things, but also to slowly replace my summer wardrobe with really good sun shirts. I’m super excited to get my Presto It’s a Haggerty’s sun shirt. They have so many custom options that I just may need to fill my soon-to-be-depleted wardrobe with them….

So yeah, nothing very exciting. Although I have to admit that my inner OCD is squealing with glee over the fact that I get to pick my own bridle rack, choose its height, put my bridles up exactly how I want them, not have a hard time keeping my saddles covered, organize EVERYTHING. Yeah, it’s a curse. But all of us riders have some of that, am I right? Right now though, it’s cheers to the freakin weekend.

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