Introducing Choco

So my little doxie has been featured on here a few times, but I don’t think I’ve officially introduced you guys to her. This is Chocolate Mousse, or Choco as she’s more often called.

She was born in 2004, coincidentally when we first moved back to Vegas from Hawaii. She was a litter of 3 that we had the wonderful opportunity to dogsit. She was four weeks old when we came to live at the family’s house while they were away for a reunion. These little puppies were such a blast.

We had official names for them of course: Moonshine (for her little crescent moon on her chest), Choco (since she was the only all-brown one like chocolate), and Chino (for cappuccino since she was pretty hyper). We also had other nicknames for them – Moonshine loved to explore so she was Cruiser. Choco loved to sleep (that hasn’t changed) so she is Snoozer. Chino loved to play and play hard so she was Bruiser.

Top left: Moonshine. Top right: Chino. And on the bottom: Choco

We all had our favorite puppy, but it was such a blast to take care of them. By the time they were about 6 weeks old we had them pretty well potty trained. We fed them oatmeal and milk and it was just an overall blast.

The family came home when the pups were 8 weeks, and of course we’d grown attached so we knew we had to grab one. So Choco came home with us, and she’s been the best family doxie we could’ve asked for. She sleeps all day – literally sleeps like 20 hrs a day; I swear – and loves her snuggles on your lap. Just like us she hates the cold, loves food, and loves going out on her morning walks. She has perfected the art of begging. She’s slowed down now, of course, now that she’s gotten up in years. She has a little bit of arthritis in her elbow but glucosamine in the morning helps that a lot. Otherwise she’s healthy and still going strong.

Going to the new property has seemed to bring new life for Choco. She loves going outside with me to feed the horses, and actually doesn’t seem so afraid of them anymore. Amber’s stall is still a huge no no, but she hasn’t gone into her stall yet – just Whisper’s, and thankfully Whisper looked really confused at what she was. But Choco loves hunting for rabbits and chipmunks and these little…prairie dog things that aren’t really prairie dogs but still rodent-ish animals that are cute. She loves sniffing out their burrows and attempting to dig down to get them. She almost caught a rabbit once, and has caught 3 birds (all injured since let’s admit that she’s not that good lol).

She caught it!
Queen of the poof

She’s quite a bit deaf and blind now, but she hasn’t lost her desire to be near her people, to continuously follow us, to beg for food and snuggles. She’s still enjoying life and loves going outside with me, and I think that’ll keep her young for quite a while. Here’s to Choco!

Tower of puppies

It’s hard being a spoiled doxie.

2 Comments on “Introducing Choco

  1. LOVE Dachsies. We have had 3. One was Helmet an older rescue we rescued at 13 and took to TX with us since no one wanted him (He had heart problems) we loved him. He died at our farm in his sleep. Then we had Pippin (black and tan) we had in TX but he ended up having huge back issues (sad) and we ended up losing him at only 8 or so. And the Fritz was the original dachshund my dad had who lived to a ripe age of 15. I will have to post a dachsie blog post πŸ™‚ LOVE them they are lovely wonderful dogs. Alas I think I cant have any more of them as the back issue was so much a heartache for me. Love Choco.!! πŸ™‚ SO CUTE. Choco looks a lot like our Fritzie.


    • Yes! They’re just the best. Choco doesn’t have any back problems so far – I think it’s mostly because she’s not allowed to jump on the furniture. We just pick her up and wanted to do it that way since we were warned about their back issues. Yours sound so precious! ❀ I’m still going to grab one as my next dog tho. I just love the breed 😊

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