Review Wednesday-ish: first impressions

So this is a partial Review Wednesday. I’ve had some things come to me recently and I’ve been able to use them a bit finally, so here’s my first impressions on these!

RJ Classics Prestige Gulf breeches – hunter

I tried these on after reading Amanda Chance’s review on these (you can find her thoughts here), because she and I seem to be the same shape. I was pleasantly surprised with these that they actually fit. The waistband does gap a bit on my back, which I honestly wasn’t surprised at, but so far, I have never needed a belt with these. They’re on the thinner fabric side, but not quite as thin or specialty fabric of my Ovations. I like that they’re different from my Ovations, but still fit very well. No Velcro bottoms – that’s a plus. Front pockets = yay since I’ve sort of become a pocket snob. (Hint: I love pockets). I have 2 pairs of these actually – white and hunter, and since the fabric is on the thinner side the white pair does reveal some not-so-flattering things (or thigh cheese, whichever you prefer), but I still think the white looks good and they are still somehow slimming despite the not-so-flattering things. I haven’t ridden in them yet. Saving those for a first official dressage show or something weird like that, but so far, I’m really liking these breeches!

Mountain Horse Sovereign tall boots – brown

It could be the fact that I’ve never owned a GOOD pair of tall boots. But whatever it is, I adore these tall boots. I love the way they look – especially the two-tone. I think that’s fantastic. I love that they’re actually MADE to be leg conforming (which, yes I know is not all that uncommon these days) and that I have had little to no break-in time whatsoever. They were gorgeous out of the box, even more gorgeous on, and I wore them for probably an hour before deciding I’d show in them the whole morning the next day. And you know what? Only towards the end of the show day, after wearing them for about 5 hours as a first wear, did the boot start to hurt the back of my right ankle (and I wasn’t surprised – for some reason in every shoe that goes above the ankle my right one needs extra breaking in). I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to wear them to the October show, but I’ve ridden in them a few more times to continue breaking them in, and so far, every time I put them back on they feel better. I’m expecting them to fall a little more – I think they’ve maybe fallen 1/4″ already, and for someone that doesn’t like uber tall boots, even if they don’t fall more than that it will be fine because the back of the boot doesn’t bother me.

The only cons for me so far are that 1) they’re a bit narrow and 2) the footbed isn’t very supportive. My feet are definitely not very wide, but when they expand the boots do feel a teensy bit tight. I think though that since I’ve been sticking boot trees in these after every wear, the foot either will stretch a little bit to be very comfortable or just remain the same. The footbed is nice, but maybe I have old feet, and they just don’t seem as cushiony as I’d expect for a tall boot that you’re most likely going to be walking/riding in all day.

Ariat Cooling Sunstopper show shirt – white

This shirt is great. I’ve used this at shows and just around the barn, and so far, I really like it. It does exactly what it says. I love the snap collar, and how you don’t need an extra collar that chokes you and then you have to put on the stock pin…. Yeah this has none of that! Super easy to snap up and you’re ready to go. Stain factor….the barn stains have come off of the shirt with some Clorox 2, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to always C2 the sleeves after wearing it.

Equine Athletics hunt jacket – navy windowpane

So far, I really love this coat. This is the first time since I was 14 that I’m branching out again and trying to figure out what the best materials are for show coats, keeping in mind that I’m in the desert and I also need something relatively cool. I bought this at a booth at Rolex on a ridiculous sale, and I’ve always been a fan of windowpane, and this fit that bill. Then, it also offers so much freedom of movement in my shoulders by being a wool/poly spandex blend. It fits me pretty well, although because it was one of the few sizes left I did end up getting a tall. But I still think it looks nice, and hopefully before I show next year I’ll have gotten it tailored.

Roeckl gloves – white chester summer and navy performance

I bought the white ones at my local tack shop on a great sale, and the navy at Rolex. I show in the navy, and use the white for everyday use. I may use the navy once we get into winter, but I’m not sure. Either way, I love them both. Both gloves are grippy but not sticky – a reason I haven’t worn gloves much. They fit nicely and remain flexible, and the summer ones do keep my hands cool while the mesh still keeps the sun off of my hands. Not too much to say about these except I love them!

It’s a Haggerty’s sunshirt – solid sunshirt

I’ve wanted to try this shirt for a while, and the opportunity came up to get one with the Presto logo on it. First off, I love that it’s custom. Second, SO MANY COLORS. It’s definitely worth it. I love how the vents keep me cool. I’m still a little iffy on the fabric. It’s heavier than my Kerrits, and that has been a not-so-good combination for me in the summer. I have another sunshirt with similar fabric that I get way too hot in, so for now I’m a little skeptical. But, I haven’t gotten too hot in this one so far. Definitely glad that I got a size up – it fits nicely around my torso and a teensy tight in the arms, but I still like the shirt. The sleeves are a little long for me, so while there are a few things I love and a few things I don’t like, the jury’s still out on this one. I’ll probably have a better idea for them after next summer, and let you know the full verdict then!

Digital Sports Watch LED screen

I’ve had this watch since July. It’s about $12-13 from Amazon. It may not be fancy, or come in cool colors, or beep as you set your timer down, but it’s a great stop watch. It times my rides, and has helped me get my butt in gear so I actually work Amber. It helps me target a warm-up time for us. Good, cheap purchase for the win.

It’s a Haggerty’s shirt, watch AND gloves!

WIN detergent – regular (the blue bottle)

I’ve been using this since July as well ever since I noticed my equine specialty summer clothing started retaining some funk. I’d read about this from Amanda Chance as well, and since it’s not expensive, bought a bottle from Amazon. I love it. My clothes no longer retain funk. Even some of my non-athletic clothing that is still a synthetic blend I’ll wash with this detergent. Still has that clean scent! I still have like half the bottle, even though I’ve been doing laundry about every week. It’s small loads, though, and I really love it so far! Plus, it’s septic safe.

Coronet Prince of Wales spur round end – 3/4″ and Camelot spur straps

My normal, pointy  Prince of Wales spurs were too long and poked Amber a little too much, so I decided a round end spur was the ticket. I had a hell of a time trying to find 3/4″ though – everything was either a half or full inch. I looked at some other places, like those lovely Signature Spurs, but in the end I just didn’t need engraved spurs at the time. Maybe later when I get more money (HA! like that’ll happen). But, these were cheap, they were the right size, and they’ve been the perfect fit for Amber. So far they’ve held up well – nothing wrong with them! I’ve been impressed with the Camelot spur straps. Usually it’s “you get what you pay for” and for $9 bucks these were great. I got black and brown, and the black I’ve used more and have really broken in well but don’t feel flimsy like I thought $9 spur straps would. So far so good with these!

Schneiders Dura-Tech neoprene ice boot – full leg

These I am still on the fence. I bought them since I loved that they went over the knee, and that if Amber moved in them that they wouldn’t fall down and spill everything like ice water boots. The first time I used them, they were fantastic. But all the ice just seemed too pookie, and I worried I’d put pressure somewhere where it shouldn’t be. So I used my own homemade “gel ice packs”. Ugh, the whole thing smelled like pungent rubbing alcohol. Too much. So I broke down and bought the advertised gel inserts to go with the boot. Aaaaaand they’re hard as ice. No bend like people gel packs. Which does NOT work for a horsey leg that is not perfectly straight. Plus, one of the packs had leaked in the box, and they’re just not really working. So, I will return the defective one and probably the others. I’m going to try some other gel packs here soon, and I hope those will work, but we’ll see. I’m “meh” about these for now.

2 Comments on “Review Wednesday-ish: first impressions

  1. I had the same watch! And then the strap randomly broke off the morning of XC (of course). But I’m buying the same one and this time maybe taking a bit better care of it.

    I’ve definitely been looking at the Its a Haggerty’s sunshirts because I love their colors, but I have so many Kastel’s that I couldn’t justify it. Next summer, though!


    • Yes so far so good with the watch for me lol oh yeah of course on xc day!

      Yeah so far I like it but I have to still check it out some more. Probably get a second one so I can wear the shirts more often! 😂


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