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Review: Mountain Horse Sovereign Boots

I haven’t done a review in a while, but welcome to another Review Wednesday! Today I’m going to review the Mountain Horse Sovereign Tall Boots. I bought these when I was first searching for some tall boots to show in, and I managed to… Continue Reading “Review: Mountain Horse Sovereign Boots”

Review: Lund Eventer Snaffle Bridle + Lace Reins

Time for another Review Wednesday! This particular product is one that I’ve been wanting to review for a while, but I’ve wanted to have it for a few months before giving it my 2 cents so I could, with relative accuracy, give everyone a… Continue Reading “Review: Lund Eventer Snaffle Bridle + Lace Reins”

Review: under the radar

Well, this was weird. Apparently something didn’t sync between my wordpress app and the online site so I lost my blog post that was scheduled for today. Which is weird. I have no idea why it did that, so here’s the gist of what… Continue Reading “Review: under the radar”

Review: SleekEZ grooming tool

For today’s Review Wednesday, we’ll be covering the SleekEZ grooming tool – and just in time for shedding season! I’m sure they are easily found on many websites, but I got mine off of Amazon and it’s the 5-inch model. I love Prime shipping,… Continue Reading “Review: SleekEZ grooming tool”

Supplements: magnesium – yay or neigh?

While this post is going up as a “review Wednesday” post and will appear on my reviews list, as with every other product I’ve tried, this piece is merely my opinion based on my experiences. Supplements are extremely difficult because what works for one… Continue Reading “Supplements: magnesium – yay or neigh?”

Review: Smartpak collection of mini reviews

Alternate title: Collection of reviews for Smartpack products that I don’t really have a whole ton to say about so they don’t really need their own review. Also, because I don’t have a ton to say about them, these are all in the same… Continue Reading “Review: Smartpak collection of mini reviews”

Review: Ovation Breed Specific Hunt Bridle

Yay! Finally another Review Wednesday! Today, I am going over the Ovation Plain Raised QH Hunt Bridle with reins. With this review comes a new review category: Stuff That Wasn’t Up to Snuff. If I put a product in this section, it will be… Continue Reading “Review: Ovation Breed Specific Hunt Bridle”

Review Wednesday-ish: first impressions

So this is a partial Review Wednesday. I’ve had some things come to me recently and I’ve been able to use them a bit finally, so here’s my first impressions on these! RJ Classics PrestigeĀ Gulf breeches – hunter I tried these on after reading… Continue Reading “Review Wednesday-ish: first impressions”

Review: Kerrits Ice Fil Shirt + Sleeves

Review Wednesday is here again featuring the Kerrits Ice Fil shirt and Kerrits Ice Fil sleeves. This is the third summer I have used this combination, and I have to say that it’s become a summer staple for me. The three shirts I originally… Continue Reading “Review: Kerrits Ice Fil Shirt + Sleeves”

Review: the rein battle

Review Wednesday is here again! If I keep this up nearly every week I think I’ll run out of things to review haha. But today’s feature is of reins – this is more a brand/leather quality than rubber vs laced vs webbed (I do… Continue Reading “Review: the rein battle”

Review: Harwich Half Chaps

Another Review Wednesday! Featured today are the Smartpak Harwich Half chaps. They’re advertised as having soft, full-grain leather with reinforced calf panels to support use. There’s an elastic panel to help keep a close fit and allow stretch. It has a YKK zipper and… Continue Reading “Review: Harwich Half Chaps”