30 Things you might not know about me

As those of us who’ve done this particular blog hop have noted – a lot of us talk quite a bit about our horses and aspects of our lives that revolve around horses but not too much else. Since I’m still a relatively new blogger, I’d like to hop on the hop and share 30 things about me that you might not know.

1. I am very artistic. I love to draw and paint and write fiction. I still have an old binder full of my pencil sketches, but I’ve moved to painting more since I love color but hate coloring with colored pencils. I still currently write fiction when I have time, and maybe one day I’ll actually publish the story ideas floating around in my brain.

2. I took piano lessons when I was younger, and know how to play the basics (and only 1 full song lol) but I disliked having to play boring pieces. I still play occasionally.

3. I only have a few very close friends; it takes me a while to warm up to people, but if you do become a good friend, I am fiercely loyal and will hurt someone if they hurt my friends.

I also love photography and playing around with my phone camera settings

4. I am a germaphobe…..yet not. I do not wipe everything down all the time – I am especially non-germaphobic when it comes to horse germs. But I greatly dislike people germs, and I get claustrophobic in public restrooms, so I’m “that person” that uses the handicap stall.

5. I was (and honestly still am) a tomboy. I am not the most athletic person but I love playing sports. I played soccer for 4 years and was good at it. I also played volleyball for 2 years, and am a pretty good catcher. As much as I love playing sports, I do not enjoy watching regular sports on TV. I’ll maybe watch a season game or two of hockey or volleyball, I’ll watch the Olympics, but other than that nada.

6. On being active, I can’t do too much cardio if I don’t bring my inhaler. I have exercise induced asthma due to really bad bronchitis when I was very little so my lungs have scarring and don’t function as well as they should.

7. Despite how active I was as a kid and the sports I played and all the horses I rode, the worst injury I’ve had was 3-4 cracked ribs and a mild concussion – and that was actually due to a horse.

8. I have been horse-obsessed since before I can remember, but when it comes to things like decorating I do not like to decorate with horse things. I like southwest-looking patterns, but the only real “horsey” aspect I decorate with are pictures of horses (with or without me) that I rode/ride. Most are of Amber (of course).

9. But I WILL decorate with dachshunds. Because DACHSHUNDS.


10. My favorite horse I’ve ever ridden (besides Amber) was a little filly I named Pippa. She was out of Tejana Chic (full sis to Chocolate Chic Olena) and by Gunnatrashya, and she had talent in spades. But she was a super sensitive, one-person horse, and I was amazingly lucky to start her and she bonded to me. Unfortunately, shortly after she turned 2 the owner decided to turn her out with a mare that disliked younger horses, and she got kicked in the shoulder and it fractured. It never healed properly and she became a broodmare.

11. The only online “gaming” game I play is Star Stable Online, a 3D horse game. It’s mostly made for the younger crowd and teenagers, but I love playing and in game I can have 40+ horses when that is SO not gonna happen IRL haha. Otherwise it’s only Mario Cart for me. I really suck at all other video games.

12. Most people don’t believe that my favorite music is rock/heavy metal. I can fall asleep to Evanescence, and Disturbed, 5FDP, Nothing More and Starset are just a few of my favorites.

13. I have 2 sisters – both older than me and all three of us look alike.

Yeah we don’t look alike at all….

14. I love taking quizzes. Be they more on the legit side or just “what Disney character are you” I enjoy taking them.

15. I love Disney movies, and my favorite one is Fox and the Hound. I am not sure why it’s my favorite. Still kind of can’t believe that Mickey Rooney and Kurt Russell were Todd and Copper……

16. I like movies more than TV shows, but my fav TV show is Cold Case. I’ll watch any movie that I think is pretty good and honestly can’t really watch any horse movies. Other than that I’ll watch things like Forensic Files or some other true crime things but mostly I don’t watch TV. I just Netflix or Amazon Prime. I loathe commercials.

17. As I’m sure most of us are, I would much rather hang out with animals than people, and I have a natural inclination towards them.

18. I may live in the desert, but despite my giant aversion to the cold, I don’t think I’d mind living in inland east coast (preferably VA or lower because warmer) away-ish from the cold Atlantic wind because there is now really good cold-specialty clothing. (There wasn’t when I used to live in VA)

19. One of the reasons for my aversion to the cold is that I get seasonal depression. I thankfully am very lucky that I don’t have to do too much for it – I just need to get a membership to a tanning salon and go 3+ times a week if it’s too consistently cloudy. I had to go to a tanning salon after just 3 days of clouds when I lived in Colorado, but thankfully mine is manageable. I haven’t had to go while living in the desert since it’s usually sunny.

Always lots of sun!

20. I have only lived in 5 different states – Nevada, Virginia, Hawaii, Colorado and Texas. I’ve visited (or driven through) many more due to cross-country road trips. My favorite state that I visited was Kentucky (so much with all horses) and my favorite state I lived in was Colorado.

21. I love spicy food and the way it tastes. Unfortunately, I am mildly allergic to it. I don’t need any emergency help, but my throat will close and my tongue will swell if I put too much. I’m also allergic to Champagne and the sulfates in red wine. Even if I only drink a little bit, I get flu-like symptoms.

22. I have RNF – resting nice face. People come up to me all the time because I apparently have a nice resting face. I really kinda wish I had RBF instead.

23. Being an extroverted introvert describes me to a T, and I am the type of person that really enjoys being in the same room with someone but not talking.

24. I don’t think I’ll ever have or want kids.

25. I may not be very old, but I remember riding in all the old saddles – the ones without knee patches. I also remember giant computers and TVs, dial-up internet, and the AfterDark programs with flying toasters and the rat race. My friend’s sister who is perhaps 13/14 doesn’t know what a landline phone is or how it works. It makes me feel old.

26. Humor is my thing. I like making people laugh. I like telling corny jokes and I have a very sarcastic and dry sense of humor. I will choose humor over drama (like TV or movies) any day.

27. I could live without my phone. I enjoy all the things a phone does, but I know as long as I have GPS and a camera I’d be fine without it.

28. Reading is my favorite non-horsey activity. I am an insanely fast reader, but have to force myself to read slower because I will speed read and miss things. For reference – I read the ENTIRE Harry Potter series in about 8 days (I found the series after the 7th book came out and borrowed all 7 from a neighbor). And yes, I barely slept when I was reading it.

29. Harry Potter is my favorite book series. I could write essays and have hours and hours of discussions about the nuances of Harry Potter and STILL have things to talk about.

30. My major in college was Equine Science – I work at an engineering contractor as the office administrator.

And there we have it! I totally got stuck around the middle mark like “crap what else do I say?!” but hopefully I found other interesting things to make up the other half haha. TGIF and have a good weekend!

14 Comments on “30 Things you might not know about me

  1. LOL! I’ve never heard of RNF but I have friends with that face for sure! They always hate that people seek them out. I used to have RNF, but in life after college have worked to perfect my RBF to a T.


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