Taking care

Lately, it feels like I’ve been running and running and I still can’t catch up. There’s been a lot of stress building up and I feel like I’m going nowhere from 5am to 10pm only to fall asleep and be back at it the next day. Added to all of this, not only has the weather been bad enough to where I can’t ride, when it’s nice out I’m too exhausted to ride.

So Monday, I asked for Friday off as a mental health day. I probably need more like a whole week off, but what can you do sometimes, right? lol So today, I’m going to ride. I’m going to play with my pony today, Saturday and Sunday. I’m going to enjoy my day off. I’m going to moderately catch up on what I want to and not worry about work or what I feel that I can’t get done. I’m going to rest. And I’m going to sleep. So, happy Friday/weekend to everyone! I hope it’s horsey filled.

And, to celebrate me getting Choco officially on my apartment lease, here’s a cute compilation of everyday Choco. Because doxies make everything better!

11 Comments on “Taking care

  1. Doxies are the best and always make the day better. My day is better just seeing Choco 🙂 Thanks.

    Ugh i get you on burning the candles at both ends. I got up and fed dogs and went back to sleep for like 30 minutes today (I never do that) i just feel beat up. I know it is stress with the move but what can I do.

    I hope you enjoy today off and the weekend too!! Pet Choco for me 🙂


  2. enjoy your three day weekend!! sometimes that time off is just so so necessary. i took a five day weekend around easter and it was the best decision ever. have fun with your ride!


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