I did a thing

I wanted to get this out before it was potentially too late for anyone else to miss the deal, but I did a thing.

I’ve been following Michele’s post about wants and saw KC’s comment about getting the newer Cambox 3 that’s coming out. So after Amber’s surgery and me finally getting her home, Sunday afternoon I figured “oh what the hell.” So I browsed on by Cambox’s US site (I made that mistake before by not being able to grab it Thanksgiving because I was on the Europe site). Bad idea, guys. I shouldn’t have done this.

Cambox ISI 2 (Pic from Cambox website)

And what do you know – the Cambox 3 is a pretty good deal if you preorder. There are different “packs” you can get – pack 1 is the basics, and instead of $458 it is on a preorder sale of $372. Then there’s the pack 2, which gives you the basics, an extra cap and 2 Velcro fasteners for $379 instead of $484. Oh my. The older Cambox 2 is $295 and while that’s still not cheap, I didn’t feel as if they were all that separate in price with the preorder deal. Hmm. Since I REALLY don’t need a helmet camera right now (and really for a while) I figured I’d speak to the online chat guy whose little chat window popped up on my screen. I asked him when the expected ship date was, and he said the end of May. Sooner than I’d ever be needing it (at this point I felt I wouldn’t need it till like November knowing this mare lol) but I was like “oh okay cool thanks.” I will just sign off before I decide to do something I shouldn’t. And then he proceeds to tell me they have a Mother’s Day discount.

Um. What.

Preorder discount and the pack I got. And look! You can get it in blue too. (Pic from Cambox website)

It was 10% off. Not a whole lot, but enough for me to perk up. It brought the whole thing down to $349 (that included shipping). And as I pondered and pondered, I just decided to go for it. Why not? It has wifi, I can control it with my phone (though I’m not technologically challenged it’s still a nice feature), it has 720p 60fps instead of 720p 30fps that the Cambox 2 has, the memory capacity can go up to 64 Gb, and – while it’s only 10 minutes – it has 85 minutes of record time vs 75 minutes. Cambox 2 has plenty of fun colors and bling, but for a helmet cam I prefer something a little more muted. (Hint: I got the black and not the blue)

Looks pretty cool to me. (Pic from Cambox website)

So. I did NOT need a helmet camera, and while I probably could’ve gotten an equally good or better deal for Black Friday or July 4th or Labor Day or lots of other holidays, this was my “congrats your horse made it home after surgery” gift to myself haha haha ha ha ha…. Now that’ll be coming to me at the end of May, and once I get it I will be sure to document everything for everyone lol. But reading Amanda’s post this morning with RW’s new addition of the UHWK Sports Action HD Helmet Videocam, I remembered my poor great decision of buying the Cambox and figured there may be a Memorial Day/preorder deal that someone can hop on.

(Pic from Cambox website)

Now off I go to sell some more things I don’t use…..lol.

12 Comments on “I did a thing

  1. omg that is hilarious. I too when on their website and clicked shut when the chat guy appeared. I DONT need to spend that much but I do love that you can control it with your phone. UGH….omg you guys are a terrible influence on me 🙂 I DONT need it either right now. I am still intrigued by the RW one Amanda posted BUT I am so NOT technical…..

    Can’t wait for you and Emily both to get yours! So i can live thru you both 🙂 HA

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    • You should totally look into the one Amanda posted about! It looks promising and I didn’t even know about it until after I bought Cambox so that was moot but you should TRY IT hahaha!!

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  2. I love my Cambox, especially having come from a GoPro. I don’t want to be recorded in stereo though, jesus christ the heaving breathing already comes through clearly enough on the 2.


  3. I bought a few days ago the Cambox isi3 with a 64MB card. I tried to film my ride of 2 hours, but the cam stopped after 28 minutes by itself. Did I something wrong or why did he stop? (there was still enough power and mb left to film) Maybe you can give me an answer to this problem? ( before I always filmed whith the GpPro Hero 2 and it was no problem to film 2 or more hours in a rope)

    Thanks… Margreth ( Netherlands)


    • Hi Margreth. I’m sorry that the camera isn’t working, but I feel your best bet will be to contact the people at Cambox. They have live chat as well as a number you can call to troubleshoot your issues with the camera.


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