Black Friday haul

I know I’m about a week late on this, but I wanted to get everything in before posting it!

I had a plan for Black Friday, and it really centered around Riding Warehouse lol. A big part of that was BOT, since Amber has responded very well to it. They had the BOT white and gold pad that I’ve been in love with ever since it came out, so I nabbed that.

She’s so pretty in gold ❤

That, and the navy and gold BOT pad (long story short there was timeline/shipping cost issues so I grabbed it at full price someplace else), were the two most expensive items I bought, but I added a few other things I’ve been eyeing.

Amber has been smacking the inside of her fetlocks since we got into light work as her laminitis has healed, so I thought about getting her BOT for that, too. But I took a look at them at a local tack store, and they weren’t discounted there or at RW either, so I found a pair of really cheap Horze hind interference boots, AND they came in navy! I’m good on boots now. I’ve got my gold PS of Sweden boots, some brushing boots, and now these for when we’ll be doing more and I’m not sure polos are sufficient padding.

Gold PS of Sweden browband and boots with gold BOT pad. And the most Quarter Horse pose to ever Quarter Horse lol. Hard to believe she felt so good and uphill that ride lol And new Shire’s girth!

I was in need of good socks, so I bought my favorite Noble outfitters in lots of colors. Since I haven’t gotten dressage leathers, I switched my stirrups to my black jump leathers. I’ve thought about selling those a lot, but I wanted dressage leathers in hand before I sold them, and I’m glad I did. Switching my leathers also reminded me what an absolute pain it is, so I bought the exact same black composite stirrups I already had. They were pretty cheap on sale, so in the bag they went. Ah… you know…. Just in case I have a jump lesson on a different horse one of these days? lol

There was a very small need for Amber to have a new girth, so I grabbed a Shire’s one on sale. It works better than her Smartpak fleece one, whose elastic is all stretched out. It’s also a 30, and thankfully Amber has kept her weight very well to solidly fit a 28. For a small horse, she’s got a deep heartgirth, just….not so deep as a Warmblood haha so those full-size dressage pads are pretty long on her. She’s a fan of fleece and leather, and the first day I rode her in it and the BOT white pad we had a fantastic ride. So definitely a win.

Minus the girth cause I already left it in the tack room after I rode with it lol

I also added some polar fleece gloves. It hasn’t been very cold here, just very wet, which is so weird for Vegas. But I am anticipating January to be cold, so I’m preparing and we’ll see how these Heritage fleece gloves hold up.

On Sunday, Choco just wanted to snuggle! This was her happy yawn when I finally got us all situated and then finished homework ❤

That’s really it! Hopefully for a while lol. I need to keep saving up for Kentucky next year!

9 Comments on “Black Friday haul

  1. I bought ulcergard? And abgard? And a horse? Does that count? Granted none of this was really black friday specific… lol

    I did shop this weekend and got some pretty good deals on blankets for the new kid. So more exciting than the ulcergard and less exciting than the horse? Between Dover and a new tack store that opened up and had a grand opening tent sale, I got some really good deals (including $34 sheets). I should do a post about my shopping…

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    • Thanks! It’s one of my fav combos on her 😀 She is SOOOO spoiled and Choco definitely is too lol. That is honestly her fav thing on weekends – to chill just like that and snooze all afternoon lol

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    • There’s nothing wrong with that! Now that I have this I probably won’t get anything on the Christmas sales so at least there’s that lol. And thank you! White/gold is one of my fav combos with her color ❤


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