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Best babysitter ever

The end of May, my sister and niece Kaylee came to visit. Kaylee is 4 now, and is still the cutest, most opinionated niece ever. I am totally not going to lie that being the “cool aunt” was absolutely awesome haha. I would come… Continue Reading “Best babysitter ever”

Good News from Vegas: Amber, Whisper, and Choco Living the Life

There really isn’t any excuse as to why I haven’t posted anything, but alas, I have not haha. I noticed through this that while I’m home, I tend not to visit social media a lot. No FB, no Insta, no blogging…. So I’m trying… Continue Reading “Good News from Vegas: Amber, Whisper, and Choco Living the Life”

Bloghop: Gratitude in Uncertain Times

I loved the post that Liz from In Omnia Paratus wrote on Friday, and definitely wanted to add to the positivity. I’m grateful that…. I still work. My company has been great about helping all of their employees out while we go down to… Continue Reading “Bloghop: Gratitude in Uncertain Times”

Shutting Down Vegas

It has certainly been a very quick, interesting couple of days. A lot has happened in a short amount of time, and a lot of us are reeling. Tuesday night, the Nevada governor issued a “close all non-essential businesses” directive for 30 days –… Continue Reading “Shutting Down Vegas”

Frisky red pony

We’ve had cold and wet weather since the week before Thanksgiving, which for Vegas is not par for the course. Temperature-wise it was colder last year, but it was sunny and dry. This winter we’re cloudy and wet with warmer temps, but the lack… Continue Reading “Frisky red pony”

Riding in between

After our good lesson, Amber and I have had some par-for-the-course rides. Most good, some in between. Since I mentioned it in my other post, I’ll start with our “off” ride sometime mid-November. Amber had been really good the day before. It was nearing… Continue Reading “Riding in between”

Black Friday haul

I know I’m about a week late on this, but I wanted to get everything in before posting it! I had a plan for Black Friday, and it really centered around Riding Warehouse lol. A big part of that was BOT, since Amber has… Continue Reading “Black Friday haul”

Frustrated. Suggestions?

So remember back when I was cleared to ride Amber lightly and work her up I bought new Lund dressage stirrup leathers? Ummmmm….. I still haven’t gotten them. I emailed back and forth with Rob Jensen until about mid-September, I’ve emailed them again, I’ve… Continue Reading “Frustrated. Suggestions?”

The Hamster Brain

Wherein I’m talking about my brain, actually – not a horse’s. The brain is so fascinating. It runs pretty much 24/7 without fail. Now double that, or triple and quadruple that, and you have ADHD. I have realized that I want to post a… Continue Reading “The Hamster Brain”

Family time

I had so much going on (oh crap, it’s been three weeks) three weeks ago. I need a vacation again haha. First off, I was having a really hard time figuring out my homework, and also had a chance to get a lot of… Continue Reading “Family time”

Overboard on new stuff

So, I may have gone kinda overboard. Oops lol. First off, I’d noticed a trend before Amber’s surgery – she was infinitely more comfortable in her western wear than English. I thought perhaps it was just that she was more used to western, but… Continue Reading “Overboard on new stuff”

Miracle Pony

I think Amber is part cat. I swear she has 9 lives. Either way, I’m gonna do a (kind of) small recap. In June 2012, I bought Amber as a 2yr old and brought her home with me. July 2012, Amber got out of… Continue Reading “Miracle Pony”

And the good news is…

Sorry for leaving you guys hanging! I attended the Women’s Leadership Conference or WLC in Vegas this year, and left on Sunday. I thought I may still have time to blog buuuuuuut apparently not haha. It was really good though, and I highly recommend… Continue Reading “And the good news is…”

Catching up

Oh boy. I haven’t blogged in…..just over a month apparently. There hasn’t really been much to blog on, but it’s really got nothing to do with there being no news in general with Amber. Mostly, it’s because shit’s just been really hard. Just be… Continue Reading “Catching up”

Kahlua Friday: Progress

There’s not much progress, but hey, I’m gonna take what I can get haha. Go slow to go fast, right? There really wasn’t much to update last Friday. I had decided to try what had seemed to work before: when I backed off, Kahlua picked… Continue Reading “Kahlua Friday: Progress”

Kahlua Friday

I may not have a Weenie Wednesday, or a Schnauzer Sunday, but I figured I could create Kahlua Friday! It will be good for me to write down my process with Kahlua, and a few people requested I chronicle my adventures with her, so… Continue Reading “Kahlua Friday”

A few new things

I’ve gotten a few new things – some aren’t very recent, but they are still pretty new to me since I haven’t used them much yet. Some I’ve used more than others, but for the most part they’re still “new.” Best In Blue Equestrian –… Continue Reading “A few new things”

Another check-up

Amber got another check up Tuesday. It’s meh news. Her foot doesn’t look better. Compared to our last set of x-rays, it looks worse. She doesn’t have as much sole growth, and she’s rolling to the outside of her foot and collapsing the heel… Continue Reading “Another check-up”

Meet Kahlua

Well, we’ve adopted a burro! Or, well, technically, my parents adopted the burro. But my mother is excited because she volunteered for me to halter break Kahlua and teach her to have her feet done. Yes, uh…. well, thanks, mom lol. She was just… Continue Reading “Meet Kahlua”

7 Years

Facebook kindly reminded me that 7 years ago today was when I bought Amber. It would take another 2 weeks before I could actually get her from her new home in Steamboat Springs, but when the owners offered her back to me, that was… Continue Reading “7 Years”

Escape artist

This happened maybe 2 or so months ago, and I’d meant to post it but forgot. I suppose I can hardly call her an escape artist when there is no chain or latch for her to undo, but she’s still smart. I hang the… Continue Reading “Escape artist”

#TBT – Amber freejumping

Turns out my mom got photos of Amber free jumping herself when she was about 4-ish. No kidding – Amber just sent herself to the jumps. And you can see there’s no guard rails to even keep her in a chute lol. She just… Continue Reading “#TBT – Amber freejumping”

Birthday Weekend/Week-ish

Saturday was my birthday, so I had a bit of a birthday week last week. I went hiking on Wednesday. I took Friday off of work. I bought myself some clothes I’ve been eyeing on Amazon. I got Amber and I some tack (because… Continue Reading “Birthday Weekend/Week-ish”

Some days we play

While I’m hopeful that maybe Amber and I can putz around again with a bit of walk/trot/canter, I’m okay if we can’t do more than that, like western dressage or something. I’ll be sad for sure, because after nearly 8 years together, all of… Continue Reading “Some days we play”

#TBT: That time I visited a Mini farm

Not a mini farm. But a Mini farm. Like so. I finally got my giant and old external hard drive up and running, desperate to get photos and other memorabilia off of it since I moved to my much smaller, lightweight, portable external HD.… Continue Reading “#TBT: That time I visited a Mini farm”

Checking In

So, there’s not much Amber update to update. She’s doing well, and after we’ve hand-walked and rode at a walk safely for…well actually about 6 weeks now with all the crappy weather, I figured it was time to let Amber loose. For the first… Continue Reading “Checking In”

In search of: buddy

Hey blogosphere! So I figured I’d put this out here see if any of you guys knew of anything. We’re casually looking for a buddy for Whisper. The past 2 winters we’ve had a lot of trouble with Whisper. In the summer she’s fine,… Continue Reading “In search of: buddy”

WTF Vegas

It snowed. In Vegas. I thought we were living in the desert. Apparently not. Maybe it’s a decade thing? It snowed 3.5″ in 2008, so maybe it was just a wee bit late and decided to hit the desert again in 2019? Then again… Continue Reading “WTF Vegas”

Walking on not-sunshine

Since all Amber and I can do right now is walk, like many many many many many many other posts I’ve had in the past…ahh….year lol, I’m trying to come up with fun and NEW blog post titles. I may or may not have succeeded… Continue Reading “Walking on not-sunshine”

New Year, New Goals

I did have goals at the start of last year – they were pretty vague goals, but goals nonetheless. So, let’s see how I did! Horse goals: Figure out what’s going on with Amber: I am quite happy that I can cross this off!… Continue Reading “New Year, New Goals”