A bit of nothing

Well, not much has been going on here in Vegas land. But, now that the week is almost up, I’ve got a few things to post about. On Sunday, I drove to Pahrump to audit a cavaletti clinic. I had signed up to take Amber to the third one, but it’s a three part clinic so going to the first two was mandatory if you wanted to be in the third. So, I audited the first session, and will be hauling Amber for a private lesson of sessions 1 and 2 before we join a group for 3.

There were a lot of grids up, and it got me excited and happy because I don’t have anything like this right now. I plan on investing in poles in the coming months so we can really get familiar with footwork before we start hopping over fences. So this had me excited.

Most of them were walk grids with a few trot ones. The lesson was pretty basic – let go of the reins, let your horse look down, let your horse find his own footwork and be responsible for it. In and amongst that were a few other things like arm position, halting and preparation for turns. Again, a pretty basic clinic, but the people there really benefited from it. It was great to see them all improving, and by the end, they were all excited to call out their own grid pattern.

Either way, it was a good day of riding, and I am really looking forward to my private lesson as well as the third clinic. And sorry for the inadequate media. Many times I like to pay attention and be off my phone, so I don’t take pictures. I promise, though to take a lot more pictures the next two times.

But if anyone is interested, you can find them on FB here. Session 2 is June 4 and session 3 is June 25.

I’ve been unable to ride for about a week because Amber was sore. Her right front shoe seemed to be a bit off, so as her foot was growing she couldn’t break over well and was tripping pretty badly. The farrier was out, trimmed her up nicely and set that shoe a teensy bit further back, and the change was immediate. She was her old self – bucking and playing and feeling much better than she had. Then between wind and work I got about a day of riding, so hopefully we’ll get tons of riding done this 3 day weekend.

So majestic

On a fun note, it’s Memorial Day Weekend! That means sales! And Riding Warehouse is having a big one – 20% off site wide. That’s right! English, Western, Endurance, apparel, boots – you name it, RW has it. Like these gorgeous Ovation Aqua X breeches that are just the perfect wicking material for the hot summers we get.

The sale also includes great things such as Ariat Sunstopper shirts and $40 Amigo Fly boots that will be great for any budget with that 20% off sale. They also have an assortment of very colorful helmets if anyone is in the market: like these fun $45 Troxel helmets.

Unfortunately, I myself couldn’t resist…. Got one thing I’m eager to try. So far I have loved my colorful, super light composite stirrups, but the balls of my feet have been aching again recently so I’m going to try these composite wider based ones. Super affordable with that 20% off.


And this other piece, an ECP XC pad with insertable foam panels I did not need whatsoever yet. For like, a year. Le sigh. I should really put this money towards…oh, I dunno…the protective vest I don’t even have yet?!

Either way, make use of a great sale! RW also allows returns up to a year! Happy shopping!

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