Heat management….

Not so much. Especially with temps like this.


And yes, that is an excessive heat warning issued Monday morning until Friday. Granted, we don’t usually have humidity over 20%, so it’s not as muggy as Texas or the east coast, but it’s still an oven. So we were up and at the barn by 730 and ready to go. My mom kindly took a video for me – although it’s probably because she got to sit in the shade while doing so.

Stahhhhhp; this saddle already makes my butt look big!

I know we have the typical QH headset and we don’t have the most forward trot, but considering the past few days I’m happy with how responsive she was. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to grab some lessons to kickstart us further towards eventing. The dressage trainer I want to lesson with has also evented up to Prelim, so I’m hoping I can do some jumping with her as well. I might have found a place with a little cross country course. Otherwise, I’ll just try to place natural objects on the empty lots around us and see how that goes.

We actually had to go back to the barn around 3 to hose the horses off again because we didn’t have a lot of air flow yesterday to combat the heat:

Amber’s stall is enclosed with trees and belting so it keeps the light breezes out and poor girl was sweating badly Sunday evening even at 730 at night. The owner recently put in misters, but the misters don’t help if there’s no airflow. I have to say neither of them were amused to be wet again.

Amber has one hell of a side glare

She doesn’t like getting wet unless a bath with her magical-scratchy-mit is included. Then she is more than happy to be pampered if there’s scratches involved. But it helped cool them off. And now for 115 today…..

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