Well, not much went on this weekend but it was a good one nonetheless. Friday afternoon I did a very bad thing: I tried on breeches. I know, I know, it shouldn’t be bad, right? But I’ve been eyeing this pair for a while at our local tack shop, and finally just tried them on. And now I want them.

They don’t look like much, but they sparkle. I’ve had this plan that whenever I buy a pair of full seat breeches for dressage schooling they’ll be something loud and different. These are Pikeur Elina silicone full seat breeches, and I think they look great. Plus, the sparkles are FUN.

No, I didn’t buy them. But I found them cheaper online. Aaaaaaand still haven’t bought them. I dunno, as much as I love these I really want something loud. Although I would totally consider these in white for shows because everyone knows that sparkles make your dressage look better and more fun. Well, verdict is still out on the last one but if Pikeur made these in a dark teal or a pretty rust or a bright coral….. I’d have 3 pairs at the moment.

That night I rode and I was really pleased. It could totally be because I bribed her with the promise of cookies, but I’ll take it. We rode for probably a grand total of five minutes, but she was really trying, really wanting to listen and it was heads and shoulders above Wednesday and Thursday. So I loosened her girth, took her back up and gave her an apple core with a huge handful of treats.

Saturday I just lunged and hosed the horses since High Desert officially finished the barn! Everything was completed and I have to say it looks gorgeous. We just keep going outside and remarking on how good it looks.

Whisper’s side
Amber’s side
Back sliding door looking to the house
Nice and airy inside
Tie rails also installed in front on both sides

As much as we want to move in right away, our grader still needs to come and spread the arena sand, which should be completed Tuesday. Our QAA inspector is coming today to make sure that everything matches the plans and permits – from the size and depth of the holes (which he did before concrete was poured) to making sure every weld and measurement is up to code. He’s stricter than the county inspector, who hopefully can make it out here sometime during the week. I’m hoping by Friday but with paperwork and how slow that can be, I’m not holding my breath.

Sunday I rode and made up a grid, and it finally felt like we could work on what we learned last Saturday. She was really super and I was really pleased. I worked on my position, then worked on getting her rhythmic through the grid and soft. She did so well and I gave her another huge handful of well deserved treats.

Tiny, but what we got for now

Then we worked on the “ramp” to the barn pad for the majority of the afternoon, starting up the loader and packing the dirt, then settled down to watch Batman for Father’s Day. And not any Batman movie – the 1966 vintage with Adam West and Burt Ward. And in my opinion, the best Batman and Robin actors. Yup, we’re nerds. But those puns totally made the evening.

Holy heart failure, Batman!

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