So, it’s pretty quiet around here. Gearing up for stuff at work and then because I’m a really boring person just hacking around with Amber and getting her feeling better (although she definitely won’t be happy once we start trot sets!). Which is good because there really aren’t any shows in summer’s take a right at hell and keep going, so we rest and relax and regroup and train up for the fall.

Looking at some of the videos my mom has taken of me, I really think this horse is Amber’s spirit animal. I totally think this is how Amber might look going around an xc course. She’s a lot more sensitive to leg, but the low head-set, how broad he is and his chill canter absolutely remind me of her. So for your Friday, here’s a dose of cuteness.

I mean, that Fjord is just so darn adorable. I might need one someday.

3 Comments on “Adorableness

  1. D’aww haha. Who knows tho – maybe when Amber meets cross country she will find a whole new fire within her 😉


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