Breech central

So I received about 3 pairs of breeches all around the same time. I really needed another summer breech so I grabbed another Ovation Aqua X – this time in navy. I was also looking at some schooling breeches for dressage – you know, whenever I manage to do that – and found a cute pair at My technically free white RJ Classics gulf breeches came in to the store, so I grabbed them and hurried home to try it all on.

The navy Ovations look very very flattering. They’re just that one size up that fits me very nicely and allows room to grow. Because I don’t know about you guys, but when it’s hot as balls out I…ah….expand. Thank you thunder thighs. But I digress. I am a bit disappointed because the crotch is a bit bunchy in the 32. The waist is a little big too, but I was expecting that. Seriously realizing I’m a 31 waist but need the 32 for the legs. Yippee. Well, at least they don’t slip down even with the larger size.

The RJ regulars fit very nicely. I still may need a 31 but the 30s are actually extremely flattering for white breeches. There is a bit of a pucker in the back of the waistband, but initially wearing them around the house they don’t fall down so that’s a plus.

Can you tell I like blue and variations of blue?

The Horze Grand Prix breeches fit surprisingly well. They’re silicone full seat and it’s actually super difficult to tell that it’s a full seat. No shiny ass glinting in the sun FTW am I right? After walking around these don’t seem to fall either, and so far conform to my hard-to-fit butt pretty well. Just like the RJs though they’re a little tight at the knee. They’re also sort of long. Not bad, but the regulars would be perfect for tall people. It would explain though why there was no s/r/t in the size chart…. The plaid is super fun to me so I’m probably going to keep them for a while and see how they fair.

I did get a few other things though it’s not as exciting. Lots of scotch guard because now that I’m venturing into the land of White Things I really want to prevent stains. Some WIN detergent specifically for workout clothes and this large but very workable stopwatch. All $12 of it. Yay for cheap!

Now I’ll get to time our rides! Not too exciting but it’ll really help starting those trot sets. If I’m right and Amber has had that twisted hip for 3-4 months, I want to take it slow to rebuild that muscle and retrain the muscles that have been compensating. But it’ll give me ample time to try those new breeches! So I’ll get back to you on them, hopefully review them after I’ve had them for a good time.

What about you guys? Anything new in the inventory or just plugging away?

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