The food life

So I got my lesson rescheduled to Thursday afternoon – yay! I’m very excited, and plan to pack all that is needed so I can leave straight from work to get up there to have time to acquaint myself with the lesson horse and have time to groom and tack up. It took me a while (honestly I was kinda embarrassed) to remember that “uhh, Mandy, the lesson is AT a certain time. That means you must be EARLY to TACK THE FREAKING HORSE. Remember?” Well, I almost didn’t haha. After 13 years of no lessons there will probably be other things I’ve forgotten, but as of yet I haven’t thought of them.

I do feel bad for my pony – because it’s gotten colder I’ve fed her about the same, but her work no longer reflects the food she’s given. Which….is my fault. But, really guys me and my horse match so much. We love food. We just do. I mean, I mostly try to eat at least healthily – I have Blue Apron delivered to my house for dinners and lunch if extra – but recently I’ve noticed the lack of riding and eating more than usual has caught up to the both of us.

I’ve had pizza for like lunch and dinner for 3 days in a row, then I had sushi, that huge meal for the Christmas party, lots of cheese and quiches, and more pizza. Needless to say, this is my reaction every time someone talks about dieting or “oh I’ve had plenty of desserts today”. Because really, there’s no such thing as too many desserts. Or cheese. Or just food in general.

But, Amber’s got her hay belly back, so it’s going to be fun the both of us getting in better shape lol not. I need to do more 2pt and just riding in general if I want to keep up with all that food I’m eating too. Hence a ride yesterday. I started it with 2pt because if I don’t my legs are too tired. I’m doing 5 minutes every ride to start with since I also need to get stronger for jumping. Soon, I’ll probably up that to trotting 5 minutes instead of walking, but baby steps lol.

Oh you want my attention? Cool, I’ll come to you LOL

Amber was great. She was absolutely ready to go by the time I hopped on. She looked not so ecstatic when I was tacking her up, but she felt good walking out for our 5 minute 2pt warm up. She felt very nice in the trot, settling in to a nice stretchy trot before she seemed ready for a little more contact. She was a little lower headed and shouldered than I’d like, but she was actually super consistent in the contact, really willing to really try to work from behind so I let it go and gave her lots of quick scratches as we trotted.

SUCH a tiring ride lol

At one point she seemed a little close to how she’d been when she hurt her front leg, but this time she wasn’t tensing a lot – she was just being a little too resistant when I’d try to even up her left shoulder. After a subtle reminder from the spur, she tried, and when I praised her she settled. She definitely was expecting me to ask her canter, but I just asked her to move her haunches and she was right on it. A little switch of direction, some more walk and trot, then asked her to canter on her right lead. The transition wasn’t beautiful by any means, but she was nice and relaxed.

Amber: really? MORE pictures?

Her right lead felt really nice. I could tell that one long side that she was still tilting her hip to the inside so I just decided to see if it’d work and asked Amber to do a very mild haunches out. I could feel her confusion for a moment before she guessed if haunches out was what I wanted, and I praised her and could immediately feel her canter get better. I can’t quite describe it, but it felt great. So we quit there!

Okay I’m done. Let’s go in, ma!

Today, I plan for another ride, and then Thursday lesson! Now the wind needs to stay away….

10 Comments on “The food life

  1. very exciting to have the lesson rescheduled so soon!! i know what you mean about forgetting all these little details – it’s esp also so hard for me to go to a new place and learn a new routine like where everything is, and who all the horses and people are, and all that. it’s worth it tho – i hope you have a blast!


  2. Ah yes food, my Freddy biscuit and I put on weight last year. He was sitting near the 580 and I was in well, let’s just say I made a whole new look for skinny jeans lol
    Anyway. I always hate how it is easier to put on weight than lose it and also that donuts do in fact taste better than kale, who would’ve thought huh?
    But I do like the size I am now and it is easier on us both

    I love the pics.!!! Does your horse listen for the timer on selfies? Mine do it’s hilarious

    Mel x

    Glad the lessons are back on, lessons are great !


    • I know food is awesome! Lol she doesn’t since I take all of them but I gave a small cluck and said ‘Amber come here sweetie’ and she goes Okay! and just walked towards me lol she’s a character!

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  3. Love the Lund bridle!! I’m with ya on the food. We’re going on a cruise at the end of the month and I have a 4 year old who’s going to want to swim but….winter = nightly hot chocolate and cookies for me. Ooops. I’ve seen the Blue Apron stuff around but I’m such a picky eater I haven’t made the jump yet.


    • Thanks! Yeah love the Lund bridle! It might be difficult for a picky eater since it has a lot of different spices and types of food, but I love flavorful foods so I love the blue apron!


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