A weekend in pictures

And not very many of them at that lol. But I’m having serious horse show withdrawals even though I only watched the live stream. I got to watch dressage at work, woke up to watch cross country, and rode before stadium. It was a good weekend, but not too much to say since I mostly just watched Kentucky lol. Which will still forever be Rolex to me haha.

Saturday we had a late ride, and maybe it was the winds or perhaps everyone was tired but it wasn’t the best day. I’d bought some new western spurs for Amber since the ones I’d ride in were long and with my more dressage leg position I was afraid I kept poking her. She was a good sport about those though, and they actually helped remind her at times to lift herself in the few bits we’d do, but I still wanted something smaller. And these just did not work. On really either horse so it was a bit of a weird day for us all.

She watches me while I cook lol

Sunday I was at the house early, though I really didn’t manage to hop on early lol. We hopped on horses about 10, but we had a short but good enough ride that I was still able to catch the majority of the stadium live feed. Whisper was really good, Amber was much calmer in the little english spurs I switched to, and it just solidified that those spurs were not right. Amber was really good in the little bit of trot we did and it was a really nice morning.

Seriously the only picture I got of Amber all weekend haha!

Choco was much better this weekend and a lot less worried about coming over to the apartment. Towards the end of the weekend, she seemed super excited to continue going for car rides and adventure! She also hunted some rabbits and ground squirrels which made her very happy.

Ready for adventure!

I think she likes this pillow….

She sleeps a LOT lol
Such a hot dog after helping us plant a tree in the yard!

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