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Guys, it’s done. It’s been scheduled. I take Amber up to the vet May 9th for her arthroscopic surgery appointment on May 10. I am a bundle of nerves lol. I wouldn’t be as nervous if she didn’t have to go under to have the procedure. She’s… Continue Reading “Scheduled”

Busy busy

I actually was going to do another review, then realized I hadn’t written anything besides a paragraph or two on it. Which, I could keep writing, but I have video for it that I want to compile. It’s definitely been a learning curve getting… Continue Reading “Busy busy”

The food life

So I got my lesson rescheduled to Thursday afternoon – yay! I’m very excited, and plan to pack all that is needed so I can leave straight from work to get up there to have time to acquaint myself with the lesson horse and… Continue Reading “The food life”


Amber and I are hard at work. She’s doing phenomenally, being a Super Good Girl. Her jog, being more solid before our transition to more English this summer is good but….worse in a way haha. Not that she’s not uphill. She is. She’s just… Continue Reading “Practicing”

That time of year

It doesn’t seem to matter how hard you plan for this time of year – the time when Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas things are ALL in the stores at once. (Can’t we just have one holiday at a time, people?!) But everything ALWAYS seems… Continue Reading “That time of year”

Scratching the brain

So far, Amber has been doing well. Feeling good, walking very nicely. But I noticed Wednesday that she seems to be shortening her hind legs again. Not by much – mere inches – but I have been watching her like a hawk since that… Continue Reading “Scratching the brain”

Changing it up

Guess who got her teeth done? So I couldn’t ride her Tuesday, and since they advise not to ride with a bit for a few days, we improvised. Always keepin it classy we are. We had a fun day. Simple. No spurs. No bit.… Continue Reading “Changing it up”

Off kilter

Wednesday was a really odd day. Thankfully, Amber is doing just fine and is looking great, although unfortunately not any thinner. So thankfully while there is nothing wrong with Amber, I’ve been feeling off kilter for most of the week. I’ve been getting pounding… Continue Reading “Off kilter”

Those mid-week works

I feel like I have a lot of these and that they’re really not that interesting because…well….it’s dressage, and I feel there’s only so much you can talk about lift and position. But, guess what I’ll talk about today? Yup. Lift and position. And… Continue Reading “Those mid-week works”

Back at it

Amber got her feet trimmed! And they look so pretty. The clouds came over shortly after work, so I got all dressed and ready to go….aaaaaaand the wind started. Which in turn brought the rain. But thankfully, it didn’t last long (boy has it… Continue Reading “Back at it”

Coming together

Tuesday’s ride almost didn’t happen. I hadn’t been feeling well, but decided to ride at the last minute, and I’m so glad I did. It was close to feeding time, and at the other place Amber would let out the general extent of her… Continue Reading “Coming together”