2017 blog stat review

So this isn’t necessarily necessary, but I find these types of things interesting. Mine will probably not be as put together as many people’s, but it’s still interesting information! So let’s see what interests you guys the most, where all my readers come from, and all the other stuff lol.

Top 5 popular posts:

  1. Review: PS of Sweden Flying Change Bridle: this one is still my top-viewed post with 91 views. That’s a lot! I am glad though that people are finding it and hopefully it’s helping them!
  2. Review: TSF relief girth: another one for reviews!
  3. Review: KO trading company western saddle: and another review! Again I’m very glad that people are finding my reviews. That was definitely one of the reasons I started this blog, so I’m happy reviews are the top 3 on the list!
  4. Jellybean: awww!
  5. Goals for the rest of the year: this one surprised me! I was not expecting this post to make the top 5.

Okay, guys I hear you! Even down the list, reviews were 3 more placings and vet visits and my least favorite apparel/trend rounded out the top 10. So lots of reviews, a bit more about the Hankie’s Tankie, and a teensy bit about me. I’ll start scrounging around my recent purchases to start getting in more reviews!

Next to referrers. I have to give a huge, ginormous, extremely grateful THANK YOU to Emma at fraidy cat eventing, because I think most of my readers have found my blog through her. So again, a giant THANK YOU out to Emma. After Emma though, we have:

Has anyone else heard of duck duck go? I have not, and it looks like a regular search engine, but the name is still hilarious lol.

So, where are all my readers coming from? This is one of my favorite parts. It is so cool with the internet these days how people from all over the world can come together and have so many things in common (or just one – horses). I absolutely love it.

All over! That’s so awesome!

Wow look at that! That is so amazing to me. I love it! How cool! I am just floored that people from so many places wanted to read my blog – even if it was only once! And even if they accidentally hit a wrong link lol.

I also now have 25 followers (so awesome!) and I’m just so thankful for everyone that even has an interest in reading anything about Amber and I. I truly appreciate you guys that come back and read, even though I haven’t been doing this long. You guys rock!

10 Comments on “2017 blog stat review

  1. aww i love analyzing blog stats!!!! it’s nearly impossible to do on my own blog bc over the past two years, it seems like russian (and occasionally ukranian) bots sometimes somehow direct traffic through my url (or something? idk) producing a high volume of distinctly non-human hits. like, giant spikes here and there. so now i don’t trust any of my numbers around views or hits. sadness 😦 my blog needs a tin foil hat, apparently!!!

    anyway i’ve enjoyed finding your blog and following along!


    • Oh interesting point! I had a weird spike like 2 days that I didn’t post anything. Maybe something like what you were describing happened to me? That is sad! I know how much you love numbers!


  2. I’ll guarantee you that the likes and views from Australia are not accidental mate
    mel x


  3. Duck Duck Go is a privacy-focused Google competitor. It’s pretty cool if you’re worried about your personal information being collected and used.


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