Cheers to the new year

Yesterday, I saddled Amber up and decided we were going to do a quick jaunt around outside the arena. She absolutely was so excited. She’d learned I’d use the rope halter from last time, so had no nasty faces as I tacked her up, but was a bit agitated when I put polos on all 4 legs. But when she realized we wouldn’t be going in the arena, she was shaking with excitement. Well, for her anyway, which is just not standing as still as she usually does when I try to tighten up her girth haha.

I’ve missed this face – the one that hates crossties because she can’t get into shenanigans in them LOL

It was so great to be on her like that again. Not just bareback toodles, but saddling up and going on a purposeful walk-about. The beginning she felt good – even and reaching, if still a little heavy on that leg. Sometimes the leg would bother her, but then she’d seem to walk out of it before it’d bother her again. By the end of 15 minutes she still wanted to go, but I could tell it wasn’t too comfortable for her anymore. So I hopped off, and she had such a pleased expression on her face. I know she certainly missed that!

She was not please – however – for my decision of an impromptu mane/tail wash. Grain plus her apple treats more than made up for it lol.

Today we went on another trail ride with my mom, and she was better, but still a little sore when we were done. I was just so happy that she was so happy to be out doing things. She was an absolute angel even in her halter, and even though I knew she’s generally good about that, I hadn’t ridden her out in a halter in a long time. She was definitely looky, but just so excited to be out there with Whisper.

It feels strange to close out another year. This year has definitely been….different from many in the past for me. But it’s also been a good year, and this time off has been instrumental to me resting and regrouping. I’ve been able to have more time to hang out with friends, deepen relationships with those around me, and have more non-horsey fun. And with a few other responsibilities this year that I won’t have next year, I’ll be able to keep that going, and still have plenty of time with Amber.

Ahem, are you taking this pic to make my butt look bigger?

There’s been a lot of soul searching this year, a lot of tough decisions, and a lot of waking up out of a “funk” if you will. I will still have tough decisions to make next year, be it personal or for Amber, but I’ve found the excuses I’ve made for myself personally are no longer valid. Time to strap on my Wonder Woman armor, and do it. And I think, in a way, starting this blog and knowing you guys are here with me has been a huge help in a lot of it.

My absolute favorite view

So again, I am so thankful to those of you that have followed me, and I look forward to another year of following all of you guys on your adventures!

A table AND a polo roller. Just what we all need LOL


2 Comments on “Cheers to the new year

  1. happy new year to you too! starting fresh in a brand new discipline (esp one so different from your past roots) is so hard. but so exciting – and so energizing! i admire your attitude about just going for it – getting out there and giving it your best shot. wishing you much luck in continuing that next year!


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