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Goals/Plans/Suggestions-ish for 2018

Reading everyone’s goals and ideas for the year (can’t use that dreaded “p” word! lol) has me really stoked. I can’t wait to see how everyone’s year turns out! I’m so excited for you all, and am glad I get to tag along for… Continue Reading “Goals/Plans/Suggestions-ish for 2018”

Hello 2018!

It’s officially the 2nd day of 2018, and unfortunately, the end of my time off as well. But Amber and I are enjoying the fine weather, and hanging out! While she’s not sure what to do in turn out, I can tell she enjoys… Continue Reading “Hello 2018!”

Cheers to the new year

Yesterday, I saddled Amber up and decided we were going to do a quick jaunt around outside the arena. She absolutely was so excited. She’d learned I’d use the rope halter from last time, so had no nasty faces as I tacked her up,… Continue Reading “Cheers to the new year”