The wild one

This weekend was a lot a fun. I rode Amber on Saturday, and tried out our new piece of equipment: a hackamore! Amber actually seems to like this better than the halter. I feel that it’s because it leaves her chin alone, and the pull is a little different from the rope halter. I pieced together her Lund bridle and the cob pieces from her PS of Sweden bridle so it’d fit. The nose piece is a little loose so it can relax against her chin, but I think we looked good!

She and I then took a walkabout with my mom and Whisper. She was absolutely excited to go out again and wanted to be the leader the whole time. She was so brave and passed by the goats that really freaked her out:

OMG GOATS (to the left of the picture lol)

But Whisper helped her to be brave, even when one popped up onto their platforms and made her plant all four feet when she startled.

Her very worried face. So wild

She only had a couple moments where her stifle bothered her, but otherwise she felt very happy to be out. Her abscess is doing better – it’s still draining, and I have to express it a bit more, but she’s being a good sport about it. She’s not happy, but she’s at least grudgingly letting me do it. At least she gets her grain directly after to soothe her.

Happy poneh

My mom had a really good ride on Whisper on Sunday, and then decided to head out on a trail ride. I decided to let Amber out in the arena to see if she wanted to run and play, and also so that if she did want to go crazy, she could (and not hurt herself like freakin last time). I had thought she was going to be pretty chill – and she was for the first 5 minutes. And then this happened.

That tail LOL much wild haha

This girl can move haha. Have fun with the video! I couldn’t get the part where Whisper and Amber nickered at each other, but it was still cute.

But after that she was calmer. She kept calling, but came over to me for scratches. She was definitely excited to see Whisper again – she didn’t even mind when Whisper gave her a little love nip! Such a silly pony! She got to stay out for a while after, and enjoyed her sun bathing and naps.

We are so matchy matchy!

Horsey-wise, that was mostly it for the weekend, but the alternator is out in my truck so I’ll need to fix that, and this Wednesday I finally have a lesson! I’m very excited for that – just not quite looking forward to the fact that it may be stirrupless. But hey – stirrupless is a good, impossible difficult exercise to do.

We so crazy and wild

Otherwise, Amber is finally not thinking she’ll starve. I’ve gotten her diet down slowly and now that we aren’t working so hard (or really at all), her metabolism has slowed. I had started to use her 30″ when I got back in the saddle, but shortly thereafter realized she still needed to go back in her 28″. Yay! She unfortunately still looks fat. But I KNOW she’s lost weight. Oh, well. At least she’s an easy keeper?

Oh hai! I no longer pose for pictures. I come over so you hop on and we go

I hope you guys had a good weekend! What did you all do? Did you get a lot done or did you just have a down time weekend?

5 Comments on “The wild one

  1. that’s awesome that the hackamore works so well on her! i need to buy another one eventually and it’s really annoying. the DIY noseband i made just doesn’t stay secure on charlie, whose brakes are decidedly more dull than my last horse. and i just *know* that one of these days it’s going to fall completely apart at the worst possible moment. what i need to do is replace the clasp i used with a buckle. but… i’m just not sure my DIY skills will be good enough. it kills me to have to order a whole new thing since the cheek plates and curb chain on mine are perfectly fine as is, but nobody seems to sell just the noseband part by itself. grumble grumble grumble….


    • Have you tried putting an in search of post on the fb sell pages? Someone might have a noseband they’d be willing to sell. But I agree with you – the other parts are fine so you hate to order a whole new one 😞 but you never know your DIY skills could do it! Lol


  2. I’ve only ever ridden in a hackamore once (and hilariously it was in my first lesson with my current trainer). I really didn’t know what to do. Haha! Glad you had a good weekend with the horses, sucks about your truck tho!


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