Hacksaw ridges

I believe I have mentioned this before, but just in case I haven’t, I have never body clipped a horse in my life. I don’t even remember seeing a body clipped horse until I was much older. By the time I WAS old enough to pay attention to that sort of thing, I wasn’t doing English anymore and most western people I met never clipped their horses. My eventer friend is bomb at body clipping but….she lives in Washington.

As I mentioned yesterday, it has been hot here. It’s going to be 78 this Friday, and even though Sunday is forecasted for only 58 (WHY the cold day for the show?!) it’s still going to be back in the upper 60s by Wednesday and upper 70s next week. Amber has been sweating, poor thing. She LOVES to sunbathe, but recently, she won’t even nap outside because she’s too hot.

So, I embarked on an “Attempt to body clip your horse for the first time” endeavor and just winged it. Here’s how it went.

Step 1: Draw some semblance of a line. It may change.

Step 2: Proceed to clip. Realize your horse hates all things that may rub/pull on her hair, so you thankfully remember in time to leave her girth area unshaved. Which then looks…..so awkward.

Step 3: But hey, it’s not that bad! For the first time of clipping it’s decent. Especially since as you were clipping pony was leaning into you because she thought OMG SCRATCHES as the clipper blades ran over her fur. So, go on to the next side.

Step 4: Repeat drawing a line, and completely miss it and mess up. But it looks a little better on this side actually! So, cover the mess up with something inventive.

Step 5: You picked a heart cause Valentine’s day was coming up? WHY. You HATE Valentine’s day. Well, at least you love your horse, and she loved the scratches, and the heart is a very sentimental gesture. How fun and cute.

Step 6: Call it good because hey it really doesn’t look that bad, and go ride the other horse, who is NOT happy to be ridden again.

However, Whisper was great! Just a couple things to fine tune before the show and we’re on our way! Also KC over at The Pilgrim Chronicles, when I mentioned if she’d like the recipe for the artichoke and crab dip, said she’d absolutely love it, and since all of my commenters mentioned it, I will dedicate a blog post specifically to the dip! My mom will get me the recipe and I’ll post it for everyone, so give it a try! I’ll post it tomorrow. Happy Hump Day!

12 Comments on “Hacksaw ridges

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about- I think it looks great! I haven’t body clipped a horse since I was a teen, yikes. Last year I paid someone to do P and this year I didn’t do it at all. I can’t cut a straight line to save my life so if I opt to, it should be interesting.

    Looking forward to the dip recipe!!


  2. My horses always look like a 8 year old kid lawnmowed them, but it fades after a week. Your clipped parts actually look smooth and without a million lines and nicks. Why did you skip the girth area? I especially like to shave there as it keeps them from getting any rain rot from sweat building up (my husband’s horse was really prone to that).


    • Thanks! I was surprised myself it didn’t actually look like I hacked at her hair haha! I left the girth tho because if there’s anything she’s honestly really picky about it’s the girth area – anything that badly pulls/rubs her hair. Neoprene is a never for her lol. I have a fleece and a leather girth, so those would probably not rub badly or at all, but she’s also never been shaved before. I wanted to also see how this worked. If she’s still getting badly hot then I’ll trim it but for now that’s why 😊


  3. aww i like the heart!!! my friend did charlie’s clip job earlier in the season and i was prettttttty sure she was gonna leave a heart somewhere on him lol, whether i wanted it or not! apparently she ran out of time tho haha


  4. The heart – what a fab idea. I clip Abbey 2/3times each winter (her coat gets so thick and she ends up sodden when exercised). Next time I screw up a line she’ll have some funky artwork 🙂 Thanks!


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