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I mentioned in a previous post that I’d talk about what I bought for the RW president’s day sale. It was unfortunately underwhelming. I put a bunch of stuff in the cart, but due to other monetary needs (and let’s face it – I really didn’t NEED any of that stuff) I slimmed it down to sore-no-more, a sweater that was on too good of a deal to pass up and a girth I didn’t need but wanted to try.

Let’s do tack first, shall we? I grabbed this Kavalkade girth in a 28″ because girlfriend is not at a 30″ anymore (thank god, even though she still looks substantial). I really like my Nunn Finer Passage girth, but I still have kept my eyes out for a brown girth that was good quality with a d-ring in the middle to make it easier to attach any breastplates and that won’t break the bank. It looked like a nice girth, and with RW carrying more Kavalkade items that look really nice, I figured what the hell. It was 15% off. So far, I’m really liking it. I like the width to disperse pressure and it fits the same as her other 28″. I like that there’s less leather above the buckles than what the Nunn Finer has, and it feels soft.

Less leather above the buckles

I already provided a link to it but I’m also really liking the Ariat merino wool sweater I got. Due to the closeout price and then the 15% off added to that, it was about $35, which is definitely a good deal for Ariat for me. I think it’s very flattering, it isn’t too tight on my arms, and it’s been a very warm addition to my wardrobe after the weather has turned so cold suddenly.

The last thing I bought was the Sore-No-More ultra performance gelotion. I really liked the properties of this one more than the classic. This one has arnica, ginger and a few other essential oils I can’t remember, and to me it doesn’t smell bad which is also a plus. I also loved that it was described as helping loosen tight tendons, ligaments and muscles, and I thought it would help perhaps with joint pain as well. As I mentioned in a post before, I was noticing an increased stress on her outside tendon, and am hoping that until we can get a knee injection or take a closer look at her knee, this will help. I’ve already applied it a few times, and I’ve noticed that each time I used it (on her knee and stifle) her gait was easier and she definitely felt better. I will be adding this to our regimen as well.

Unfortunately not a huge haul but it’s good when I like everything. I was thinking of joining the blogger yard sale but I still have things for sale from the last time I put stuff out there so I figured it’d be redundant. Oh, well lol. Happy Friday all, and have a good weekend!

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    • Yeah I’ve really wanted to try the poultice but thinking the gelotion may work a little better for now. Someday tho I’ll probably end up grabbing that poultice!


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