Day 29: a style/trend in tack/riding apparel that you don’t like

This one’s a little difficult for me since I don’t necessarily have a “style” I tend to like – I just like matching things. Other than matching, I like what I like and it goes along with my general style I wear every day. Classic, practical and function pieces.

So when (a WHILE ago, like 2015) Amanda C posted about lace show shirts….. I just don’t really get it.

I mean, yeah they’re really pretty, but I am honestly not a fan. Now don’t get me wrong – I really like me some lace just….not with horses. I’d snag that on legit everything lol. Not to mention you would probably have issues with sports bras, and I don’t know about you, but I sweat a lot between my shoulder blades, and even if I don’t sweat a lot near my collarbone, that lace would probably itch like the dickens for me. My whole chest and back would be red from itching. Plus, I feel that the lace may not hold up to the rigors of washing horse clothing. Especially if it starts to discolor from sweat and sloughed skin…. Ick. It just is not for me.

Now if someone were to be showing in the lace – I don’t care. You spend your money on what you want and if it makes you happy, then you buy as many lacey show shirts as you want. I just won’t lol. Now that last one – the navy shirt – I might go for. It looks like the lace is over the shirt, which I could probably do. And I do like the very very subtle lace on that stock tie. But the lace is just not for me.

Next up are some….interestingly patterned breeches. As you guys know, I like plaid. I bought a plaid pair of breeches. I don’t think plaid is bad on breeches, but these are perhaps a little much for me.

Leopard….Floral….Paisley….I get cross-eyed trying to find the pattern lol Well, except those light blue ones with flowers. And maybe I’m being a little hypocritical since I like plaid but really not these other colors lol. But it’s just like the shirts – you love and want to buy them then power to you lol.

I think that’s it. There are other trends that are happening, like crazy colored tall boots or horse onesies – oooohhh forgot about those! srsly, what are those all about?! – and other things, but honestly, I don’t care about any of them. Yeah, they’re around, and those people who like them will get them and enjoy them. They’re fun, and they allow people to express their style. So while I may not like them, I’m glad there’s an option for those that might love them!

15 Comments on “Day 29: a style/trend in tack/riding apparel that you don’t like

  1. I loooove the lace show shirts, even though I have yet to purchase one. I came really really close to buying one from Valentine Equine over their black friday sale. Oh well. I do absolutely hate the patterned breeches though, blech. I don’t do patterns in general on anything, especially not a large space. But if other people like them, I don’t mind.

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  2. I feel like they maybe are missing the target audience a bit. Most of the horse girls I know are not apt to wear lace or floral at the best of times. Not to say it doesn’t happen, but…no knock on riders, but we generally don’t seem to be the members of society overly inclined to look ‘pretty’ or trendy when classic and functional is perfectly adequate, lol


    • I agree. And maybe they’d wear lace on work clothes or something, but most I know wouldn’t ride in lace either. And I think some may tend to be trendy, but I agree that most are just classic and functional lol


  3. I like the look of some of the lace stuff and bought a bunch of normal clothes when lace insets were really popular a couple years ago. My biggest issue with them? Most lace has proven to be a huge PITA to launder, and I’m not really interested in lots of dry clean only garments, thankyouverymuch haha.


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