A few things

Look what came in the mail!

Yep, Mango Bay belts! I finally decided to try some since they’re the types of belts I’m looking for – they’re not only stylish but also are woven which woven belts tend to fit me much better than leather or any type of firmer belt. It’s all the curves lol. What also came in:

New Aqua X breeches! I finally nabbed the tan, and took a go on the hunter green. They’re gorgeous. I love them. They also seem to have a slightly different fabric feel than the original navy and aqua blue that I have, so maybe I’ll need a replacement pair soon…? lol.

Once I wear the new Aqua X breeches I’ll be sure to write a review on them. I have 4 pairs of them now soooooo…..haha. They’re definitely my fav summer pant!

9 Comments on “A few things

  1. OMG i am glad you got a bunch of belts too. LOL I have like five of those suckers now and I agree they fit better on us people with ummm curves? I have a wide ass waist and these still fit great. Be good to hear a review on the breeches too. i LOVE when you spend your own money and I can just read all about it 😉 HA!


    • Lol but like seriously most belts don’t fit curves. I wanted to like the C4 belt but it would make non-gapping breeches gap in the back when I’d wear it. And yes isn’t it nice to live vicariously through people who buy things?! Lolol

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  2. I LUFFF the Mango Bay belts! I have 4- it’s pretty much an addiction. Love the colors you got though! I may have to go to their website now…


    • I am pretty sure I’m going to get more haha. These were the ones I wanted so far – the natural and bit one go with everything (especially if I just turn the bit belt the other way – voila! it’s reversible! lol) and then I loved the light blue and white. I will probably (nope definitely) need more in the future lol.


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