Time Frame

Well, nothing remotely interesting has been happening at all, except perhaps the amazing weather. Vegas is usually 7-8 months of summer, 3-4 months of winter, and 2 weeks each of fall and spring. We’re actually seeming to get a taste of fall this year! It’s been 50-60 degrees at night and a lovely 70-80 during the day. We’ve had amazing sunsets and it’s just been very pleasant. I had a lesson Wednesday but I may not get around to that recap until after the weekend because I’m pooped haha. And I have another one planned for the 27th with Trainer G. Other than that, pictures are the only thing that’s been marking the passing time over here in Las Vegas. Here’s to fall, Halloween, Hocus Pocus, and FINALLY being able to curl up in fleece blankets with a dachshund and hot chocolate reading a good book.

She hates the cold but sure loooooooves to snooze in the sun come winter.
Cuteness overload ❤

She FINALLY looked at me long enough for me to get a cute picture lol
The clouds at sunset have been amazing during this cooler spell.

She always seems to know when I’m taking pics of her sleeping lol.

Mom! Is this giant thing bothering you?
Right, well maybe I should I protect you…. I’m coming over!
Oh wait, it looked at me.
WHAT ARE YOU – both to each other probably lol
This was actually super cute because Choco WAS worried about me crouching down near the big bad monster. Amber just wanted to lay down again when I was near her, and was painstakingly careful not to touch me with her front legs when she laid flat to continue her midday nap. Choco was still looking worried, but they were both good girls! (Choco is not allowed in the stalls on account that she’s tiny and Amber isn’t fond of dogs) I’ll probably never get any other pictures like these so I’m glad I was able to snap this sequence!

Snuggly in her dachshund quilt ❤


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    • Yes those things usually happen when I don’t have my phone on me so I was so glad to grab them! Yeah it’s usually still super hot but we’re actually getting a “fall” this year so I’m not complaining haha!

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