15 Years Young

Choco turned 15 in June, and she’s still going strong. She has never enjoyed clothes and baths since we’ve had her – she’d much prefer either a nest of blankets or burrowing into you for her warmth, but she would always race around the house like a crazy doxie after a bath. She especially loved it when you chased after her. She slowed down for a few years once she hit 12, but after I gave her a bath the other night, she was in old form, happily racing around <3.

7 Comments on “15 Years Young

  1. I love dachshund zoomies and I love Choco. So glad she is doing well. My dad’s dachsie lived to 16 and i have heard of others going to 17 or 18 so I hope Choco is around a lot longer!

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