Getting to it

Amber continues to be a little ouchy on her leg, and was still a little down yesterday, but either she’s forgiven me for leaving or is just hurting a little still when she moves but she’s herself on everything else. So, good and bad.

My friend is moving to town and come in yesterday, so we had some great sushi (which I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of) but it meant I didn’t have too much time if I wanted to ride, which I decided I didn’t since Amber did seem uncomfortable. But I did have to get her out because girl has packed on a belly again. Whoops lol.

Must. Roll!

So I lunged her. Amber tends to lunge herself – she listens very well to voice cues and I usually let her play as much as she wants both directions, and then when she’s done she stops and comes into me. I could tell she still wasn’t feeling all herself, but she was shaking her head before cantering so I knew she felt excited and wanted to play a bit. She had a buck each way, much head shaking, and then turned to face me and stuck her face in my stomach to let me know she was done. She thought she was sooooooo sassy lol.

It’s a little hard to see how her stifle is doing because her right front leg is still ouchy, but over all I think it feels better. It looks like she’s more okay with bringing it forward and it doesn’t hurt much if at all. So yay a plus!

This weekend may not involve much horses (I hope it will, though!) but I will hopefully be taking my first lesson since I was 13! (I am usually THAT PERSON that thinks they texted someone and hasn’t actually texted them lol) So I’ve contacted the lady and hopefully I can get a lesson. I really want to start into that and get to it, even if Miss Thang has other ideas lol. I also have my company Christmas party over the weekend, so I will try to be a good blogger and gets pics of the food and the view from the top of the Stratosphere. The rollercoaster on the top WILL NOT get ANY pictures because I hate heights and I’d die if I went on that ride. Just NO lol.

So, cross your fingers I’ll nab a lesson, and have a good weekend everyone!

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