All I want for Christmas

As we make the drive to Reno for Thanksgiving, I thought I might as well write this lovely post.

There’s really only 4 horsey things I want to get for Christmas (usually it’s like 10 things so I’m doing good this year lol) – that doesn’t include the breeches I got on an SP sale, or the breeches, maybe boots and earmuffs I’m going to get Black Friday should RW have a giant sale. These are Christmas fun things, because two of them I just want and probably won’t be getting any time soon, and the other two I’m going (one’s a maybe) to get anyway, but they’re still just a want at this point lol.

The first one is pure want. I don’t need a hackamore because Amber does fine in a bit on our hacking trail days. But I dunno it’d be fun/nice if she didn’t have to wear a bit. I probably could ride her in a halter no problem, but add rocks and trains and the predatory Condor birds that came back to our neighborhood for the winter, and I feel that a halter is a little unsafe if something goes wrong. She’s a little meh in a halter and doesn’t respect it as much as I wish (tho I probably just need to stick her back in a rope one). I’d be a little more comfortable in a hackamore. So enter this beauty.

Photo from PS of Sweden website

Yup. The PS of Sweden hackamore. Unfortunately, this thing retails for $275. I really don’t want to pay that much. I checked out Eponia because I’ve been wanting to try one of their bridles, but…I dunno I just like the look of the PS better. I like that on the PS you have that extra piece of leather that keeps the bridle straps from potentially hitting the eyes (although I don’t think I’ll be pulling hard enough ever for the bridle to do that). Also like the look of the metal piece on the PS one better, too. Just…smoother? Cleaner lines? Like I said, this is a purely want item, but I am really considering getting at least the nose part. Any one of you guys have ideas? What hackamore do you have? I’d love to know! Most of the ones I found had bad reviews lol. Also, I’d ideally like to spend less money than that haha.

My next want: Merlot matchy matchiness. Would it look good on Amber? Eh, maybe not, but I’m really into merlot at the moment lol. I’ve always loved that color scheme, and at the moment I don’t really care if it doesn’t really “go” with Amber’s color. The merlot color is just so pretty and gorgeous to me lol. Who knows. I’ll probably get them anyway someday, not only for the color but also because I just really like the fit of the gulf breeches lol.

Photo credit Smartpak


Next on the list is this lovely helmet. I tried it on on a whim at my local tack shop. It was a small, and holy crap it fit my head like it was made for it. It didn’t look big and bulky on my head, and the visor didn’t come down too low on my forehead. Because my head is small (6 7/8 so buying head stuff is a pain), usually even smalls in helmets are too big and hit the tops of my ears. This one doesn’t. AND IT’S NAVY. I really like my Ovation schooler helmet – it’s a light color that helps reflect the sun and keeps me cool, but this helmet just looks sooooo pretty….

No questions where I got this photo from lol

It just fits my small head beautifully, and with the visor also being higher, it has plenty of room for what’s next on my list….

This bad boy: Cambox Isis2 helmet camera. I will be getting this hopefully soon. Ish. Maybe around Christmas if they go on sale. I definitely want a helmet cam, and this one seemed much less bulky than the GoPro. Ultimately, I’d like to be able to buy this before our first cross country school. My mom has volunteered to get media for me at my jump lessons so no need for helmet cam on that, and we’ll be learning jumping in the arena first so I probably won’t xc school until January or February. So, this one is a someday purchase, but definitely still a want lol. I have started to tell my family that if they come up with nothing to give me for Christmas, or if it would be easier for them, just give me money that I can put towards this thing lol. We’re all adults anyway – nobody really needs the “I must surprise/be surprised!” Christmas anymore so it works.

Photo credit Dover


What about you guys? What are your wants this Christmas?

10 Comments on “All I want for Christmas

  1. i picked up hackamore plates from a consignment shop for $15 (you can also get them on new on amazon complete with nose and curb straps for like… $30-$50), DIY’d my own navy nose strap, and put it on a leather head stall i already had. so. ya know. unless you really want the PS bc it’s pretty and pretty is worth the price tag for you (no judgement if it is!), there are more economical options out there 😉

    have a great thanksgiving!


    • I was hoping you’d tell me about yours! Lol I’ll look into just the plates. The ones with nose and curb straps had bad reviews lol. But yeah it is pretty but I don’t want to spend that much! Lol


      • What do you mean by bad reviews? The type that come with nose and curb straps are the type I mean, and the type I’ve used for years. They’re pretty simple pieces of equipment that are hard to mess up in design – hell I even made my own lol.


        • Yeah it’s those types with nose and chin straps that people said broke after only a few uses so I dunno maybe the didn’t assemble it right? I’m not sure lol But I’m probably gonna grab one anyway lol


  2. I used to have the PS of Sweden Hackamore and, while I really liked it, it wasn’t as nice of quality leather as the PS of Sweden bridles. This was a few years ago, so maybe it’s changed, but figured you’d want to know.


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