Holiday Clothing Steals: PS of Sweden First Impressions

Ugh, they got me.

Despite some good Black Friday and Christmas sales at most places, the things I needed were not discounted – supplements, gloves, BOT, and others. Most things on sale just weren’t things I wanted anyway.

BUT PS of Sweden had some killer sales this year between Black Friday and Christmas, and they got me. I’ve bought their horse products before but never their rider collection, and for a few years now I’ve really wanted to try their breeches and shirts. They look fantastic and like they’re good quality, but with all my other life expenses I just couldn’t justify putting down that much money for a shirt or a pair of breeches. It’s hard to find reviews on their clothing line, so I also wanted the opportunity to know how their clothes fit someone with my shape. Since most of the items I wanted to try were on sale, I caved and took advantage of the opportunity (tho I just now got pictures lol).

Amber was very done with my shenanigans by the time I hopped on for a quick walk lol

Plus, I needed some pretty, matchy retail therapy, so why not?

Tara Fine Knit Sweater:

So far, I really like PSoS’s merino wool shirts. I actually really hate turtlenecks because it feels like the neck is choking me, and crazy me bought 2 of them, but I’m amazed I actually like them. I am also very picky about the merino wool I can wear – not only am I mildly allergic to wool, but I also have SPD (sensory processing disorder) so certain fabrics that are fine to most people feel itchy and unbearable to me. Their merino wool is so soft it’s amazing. It’s 80% merino wool/20% poly which would normally make me very itchy, but these are not itchy at all. The two shirts I got are incredibly light yet also amazingly warm. I only needed a vest over it when I rode Amber out in 45 degrees with a wind chill that made it feel like 35. So, since the Tara Fine knit turtleneck I bought on the Black Friday sale did so well, I bought another one during the Christmas sale. I even got my mom on the bandwagon and she bought one of the merino wool shirts, which looks just as fantastic on her (she got the Linnea knit sweater).

As much as I dislike turtlenecks, I just really liked the shape of the Tara Fine knits when looking at them on the model. Once I put it on, I thought the shape was just as good on me – which doesn’t happen very often for me (perhaps because I mostly shop via Amazon lol). I think they’re a very flattering, loosely fitted shirt, and I love both the coffee and burgundy colors. The neck of the shirt is a little on the tight side, and normally that feels terrible, but these don’t feel that way at all strangely enough. So far I’m really liking how comfortable they are.

Paris breeches:

I initially really liked the Robyn breeches PS of Sweden had but alas, I think they have been discontinued. I still wanted to try their breeches, so I shopped their selection and found the Paris breeches. High waist breeches can feel odd once I’m sitting on a horse, but I quite liked the silhouette of the Paris breeches. I’m very hourglass shaped, and the breeches struck me as very flattering for that, so I nabbed them in black.

Me trying to imitate the model unsuccessfully lol

Of course, I tried them on right away, and I absolutely love them. These feel perfect. I really really like them so far. They feel completely made for a curvy figure, and this is one of the first pairs of breeches that I don’t feel like I have to squish my bum into them. My first thought was “I have a bum pocket!” haha because they just popped right over. This means that when I move my legs, it doesn’t pull the fabric at my bum and waist because it allows space for those of us who have bums. I dunno about you guys, but if my pants need to be held up by a belt because any movement pulls at the back of the pants, I actually get lower back pain. These didn’t pull one iota for me, and my back felt just fine.

The four-way stretch ensures that the breeches are beautifully fitted, but I didn’t feel at all like I’d burst out of them. These are also the only other breeches I’ve tried (Horze Grand Prix being the first) that don’t feel too tight around my calves. I think part of that is the four-way stretch, but I also think they were just made with larger calves in mind. There are definitely equestrians that require a slim fit, but I know for me (and many other ladies I know) the more fit I am, the more leeway I need in my clothes. So because these aren’t too tight on my calves, they don’t pull at my knee, which then don’t pull the breeches down. These just… fit. Like a glove. I don’t think I’ve ever had pants that aren’t leggings fit this well.

They are definitely a summer breech, since when I rode in them my legs were absolutely frigid by the time I was done. Even if it’s Vegas, I don’t recommend riding in summer breeches in the winter lol. So I won’t get to ride in them much until spring, but I’m very excited for them. They’re 89% poly/11% elastane, and the four-way stretch is amazing. I kneeled to put on Amber’s boots, bent over for the things I dropped, contorted my body in all sorts of ways and those breeches just did. not. move. They didn’t fall, I didn’t have to hike them up my knees like I normally do. I’m just… really in awe of them at the moment haha. They are so comfortable, and the mesh leg makes for a nice fit at the ankle. The pockets are huge, and I’m glad the zipper pocket is not just for decoration.

These breeches didn’t go on sale, so I bought them at their full price, currently $179 USD. Generally, that’s higher than I prefer to go for breeches, but that’s really not a bad price and so far I think these are so worth it. The website says they are made with a “focus on curved cuts that highlight hips and waist,” and I think they absolutely nailed that on all fronts, which makes them worth their price in my opinion. If they ever come out with more colors other than navy and black I’ll be in serious trouble.

Ria knitted sweater:

This one was another Black Friday purchase, and I love this sweater vest. This vest is 60% merino wool/40% poly, and it is also very very warm. I haven’t worn it to the barn yet because I’ve been wearing it to work and around the house because it’s just so comfy and cute. I think it’s a great sweater, and I’m glad I went ahead and took the chance in buying it!

Alex baselayer:

I also got two of their baselayer shirts – their hunter green and dim blue colors. I like the fabric and it’s a good material, and they also fit nicely. These feel more like summer shirts, especially being 73% poly/27% elastane, so just like the breeches I may not get to wear these much until the spring. I am perfectly okay with that – I’ve been going through my things, and there are shirts I don’t wear anymore that I should sell or give away, so these two shirts will replace those. Despite being the same baselayer, they’re actually a little different in the feel of the fabric and the design of the shirt. It doesn’t bother me – I quite like both.

I also got two of their Christmas collection pads (not on sale), and one that was. I love green on Amber, so I grabbed their green/brown pad and wraps that were on sale. Because matching, why not? Anything to help me keep riding lol. It has helped a little, but mostly what has helped is me feeling better bodily after seeing a chiropractor (finally, for the love of god, why didn’t I go sooner??). But I finally got Amber all bathed and sparkly for some pictures, and then didn’t have enough time before the sun went down to get some good natural light photos. Either way, I love all three of them on her, and they’ll definitely be gorgeous on any future horse I have as well.

I love this one on her!
Green is always a great color on her! This is the one that was on sale

She just looks so fantastic in french blue ❤

I’ll try to keep you all updated on the clothing as I wear them more to let you know how it all holds up! So far I love everything I’ve gotten!

3 Comments on “Holiday Clothing Steals: PS of Sweden First Impressions

  1. I really like the style of those breeches, but I’m pretty sure I’d be tucking it into my bra once I’m in the saddle! They look great on you!


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