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Holiday Clothing Steals: PS of Sweden First Impressions

Ugh, they got me. Despite some good Black Friday and Christmas sales at most places, the things I needed were not discounted – supplements, gloves, BOT, and others. Most things on sale just weren’t things I wanted anyway. BUT PS of Sweden had some… Continue Reading “Holiday Clothing Steals: PS of Sweden First Impressions”

Review: PS of Sweden 3-point breastplate

I found this breastplate way back in perhaps September/October of 2016. Amber doesn’t have an issue with saddles slipping, but I wanted something that would help keep the saddle in place just in case we had those few long-shot fences. Plus, I just loved… Continue Reading “Review: PS of Sweden 3-point breastplate”

Review: PS of Sweden Flying Change Bridle

I’ve had the bridle approximately three weeks now, and thought it was time for a review. Even though it hasn’t been long enough yet to be confident in it’s durability, I have high expectations since I’ve had their breastplate for 8 months and it… Continue Reading “Review: PS of Sweden Flying Change Bridle”