LOTS of stress

Life has been…..stressful lately lol. But I kind of feel like whose life hasn’t been stressful?? haha While there isn’t “much” going on, there’s been a lot in the background, and a few things right at the forefront.

It’s always good to start off with cute doxies ❤

So the good things! First off, I got my spine shot! It was an epidural with a steroid in it, and so far, my back is feeling very well. A few ups and downs – the cold still bothers it a lot, so as long as I remember that sudden cloud cover + dips in temperatures means that it will be achy I can take precautionary measures, like slathering on lots of Sore No More lol. Otherwise, I’m two-ish weeks into my shot, and I’m super glad things seem to be going well with it. No idea when I can try riding again, but because of the many other things going on, I’ve benched that for a bit so I can take it slowly and wisely and not rush into anything so I can hopefully keep riding for many more years to come.

Obligatory picture of Oscar in front of the small bit of festive pillows I put out lol

We’ve finally made all the arrangements for my family and I to drive up to Reno to visit my sister’s family for Christmas. We’ve got someone lined up to take care of the ponies for the time we’re gone, and we’ll be taking Oscar up with us as well. I’ve got a few stresses about that – namely the dogs. My sister’s dog isn’t the friendliest towards other dogs (especially small ones) and neither is Oscar. He tends to get pretty protective at times too, so we’ve come up with a few things we can maybe do while they’re both in the house. We’ll see how that goes, but we’ll have to keep them pretty separate most of the time, which is stressing me out a bit lol.

One thing that has been fun – re: hella stressful lol – has been getting the flooring redone in the house! It was a mix of tile and carpet, and the previous owners allowed their dogs to pee on the carpet, so it is – as you can imagine – quite gross. So we had the tile demolished on Thursday, and that was quite a loud ordeal. They were fantastic though, and ripped up the tile, the tile mastic, and then sanded everything down on the concrete so laying down new flooring would be as even as possible. A giant shop-vac helped keep all the dust down, so all in all it was a super smooth process.

They used a zamboni in the kitchen! Well, not really, but it’s like a Tile-zoni lolol

It was hard hearing them rip up the tile at first. I felt like “ah, man, I’m destroying my sister’s house; what did I agree to???” so, it was a lot to process that day. But, now that it is thankfully complete, I’m glad we did all the tile at once. Having them come back would’ve been too much I think. The flooring installers don’t have much going on closer to the back-to-back holidays, so they were able to come out Monday to get started. They’re only doing half of the house for now – we only have so much room to move a few things around haha – and then we’ll focus on getting the rest of the house done.

It’s looking really good so far!

But this is my first foray into completing a home improvement project, and let’s just say I’m certainly kinda overwhelmed! I’m also taking on getting replacement baseboards and putting them down myself – I will for sure have help to do so since my back will not sustain that for long, but I want to save a little bit, and it’s a good skill to learn I guess lol. But I think the other side of the house will be easier – no washer/dryer, no fridge, no bookshelves to move, no more tile to rip up, so it should go much easier than this one. Even still, nothing for a while lol.

I’m also oscillating between getting LRK3DE tickets for next year. With different pieces moving I’m not sure if I will be able to go, but if some bloggers are planning to be there next year, I really want to go to meet everyone for a blogger meet-up! Anyone else know if they are going next year?

We packed everything on the carpet for the tile demo, and yes, Oscar got up there all by himself LOL

Horses and dogs are doing well! Oscar has been a bit clingy at times, and I’m not gonna lie it melts my heart when different people offer him comfort but he instead runs over to me and asks for me to pick him up. As much as I wasn’t sure I wanted a dog after Choco (and of course, Oscar wouldn’t have gone anywhere else but with my family), I didn’t realize how much he and I needed each other. I’m glad he’s chosen me, and I enjoy coming home to his wiggly barking every day.

The house project has made him especially clingy ❤

Amber, Kahlua and Whisper are doing well too! They’re liking the cooler weather we’ve been having, and poor Amber misses me. I go over and visit when I can – I still make grain and of course visit my parents every few days, so I always go up and give her some love. It does help appease her that I bring lots of apples and treats for her because of course, that is how one gets on their horse’s good side lololol. She’s grown more hair this winter, which is good because it has been dipping into the 30s at night the last few weeks. I also got Amber a halter I’ve been eyeing from my local tack store. I absolutely love it on her lol.

I hope everyone continues to do well! My family doesn’t have much planned for Thanksgiving. Just pretty quiet this year. What about everyone else? What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Even if you aren’t doing much, I hope your holiday goes well!

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