Hello everyone! Time for another (very boring) update, but thankfully pieces are moving and I’m excited about things going forward.

The only downer recently is that it’s been 1 full year since my sister’s accident, which feels impossible, but it has been that long. Labor day weekend was mostly spent keeping ourselves busy but hanging out with family. It was sad, but we still found ways to have a good time, which I will share in a bit. Only 3 days later we showed up in court for the driver’s sentencing, and each family member in attendance spoke – myself included. Not gonna lie guys, 0/10 recommend. I hate public speaking anyway, but getting up to speak to a judge to give testimony was atrocious. I really never want to do anything like that again. I am forever grateful to the 15 or so people who came to the sentencing to show our family support, but it was just not a fun day. And unfortunately no, nobody is happy with the sentence given out, but it is what it is. I’d taken the rest of the week off because I figured I’d need to be by myself or with friends and family, and that ended up being a good choice. I will say though that it is a huge relief to finally have that over and done with.

These bloomed the day of the anniversary ❤ (her fav color is purple)

On more positive notes, I’ve finally gotten enough energy to get out and give Amber her much deserved love. It’s taken my thyroid medication a while to kick in, but I finally don’t feel like my legs will give out on me if I stand for longer than 15 minutes. She got a much needed bath, lots of treats so she wouldn’t be mad at me, and I could tell she missed me because she was very tolerant of all the face hugs and kisses I gave her. She soaked up all my attention, and had enough of it by the next day LOLOL. That was over Labor Day weekend, and my dad and I devised a plan to get my mom out and riding since I can’t ride with her right now and it really helps her with chemo to walk around on Whisper. Our plan? My dad was gonna ride Amber.

You guys. It was epic. My dad putzed around on Amber like he’d ridden her plenty of times. Amber was a happy camper, with ears up and a good walk and taking very good care of my dad. She never once got nervous or looked like she wasn’t having a good time – though she did pin her ears at Whisper when she got into her space bubble LOL. Then I hopped on and walked twice around the arena, and Amber got her molasses beet treats because she was bestest girl.

The both of them are too cute ❤

I am very optimistic that I was only muscle sore after riding. My PT and I think we discovered what has been hindering my progress – or at least has been around 80% responsible. When I was 12, I was riding my trainer’s lesson pony Air Myles and he bucked me off (as ponies do lol), and I landed hard on my tailbone. It was very bruised, and only 2 weeks later I hurt it again. Turns out it was a huge hotspot of pain, and I’ve been feeling so much better as we address that old injury.

She wasn’t happy about having to “work” again until I pulled my phone out for pictures and then she knew she had to ham it up lol

It’s still a work in progress – 19 years of being that way will take time to undo, but I’m finally feeling better. My spine doctor appointment went well – I’m on my way for a neurology appointment to make sure my nerves are okay since my MRI did show my disk pressing a bit on my spinal cord, and I have an appointment with a pain management doctor to try cortisone and go from there. Thankfully, this means I’m really not a candidate for surgery, so that is a huge weight off. I am really hoping that since I am feeling so much improved, this will be all I’ll need and I can get back to riding my bestest pony girl again.

Even more than her poses I love these silly faces!

Oscar was goodest boy and cutest buddy the whole time I was home, and he was so sad when I had to leave for work again haha. He is his usual silly self, which has thankfully provided lots of laughter which we all need. Which I nearly forgot – he was most certainly NOT goodest boy a week and a half ago when he bit the groomers that I took him to. And then drew blood. Which I did not know about until I got a call from animal control at 4pm on a Saturday. Cue the panic attack. Lindsay kept great records for Oscar tho, so I found his proof of 3-yr rabies vaccine quickly and showed it to the very nice animal control lady who came by the house later.

He was very clingy to me, and is not a lap dog but most certainly was one around the anniversary. He was also very protective of me if it was anyone other than family that was around.

I was extremely relieved that he got to quarantine at home for 10 days, and gave him a stern talking-to. He knew he’d done something wrong, but I won’t be taking him back there again. The groomers were way nicer than I was expecting them to be or I would’ve been had a dog bit me, but I think there’s something about the place he doesn’t like. There were other factors too that we wonder about whether or not influenced his behavior because he’s never bit anyone before, so I’ll be bathing him for the forseeable future. He’s difficult about his nails hence why I took him to the groomer, but with my mom and dad helping he should be just fine. So, aside from that, he has been goodest boy LOL.

It’s so adorable that he hugs his toys while he sleeps ❤

Thankfully, things are looking up, and I’m excited to be moving forward!

4 Comments on “Updates

  1. You shared some great photos here. The purple flowers, cute dog, pretty horse and some cool parents. Looked like a beautiful day to enjoy the horses all together.
    Testifying in court, the anniversary of your sister’s death and dog bitting incident is all a lot to deal with in a short amount of time, but glad you feel positive about your treatment plan/interventions. So helpful to have family support and things to look forward to when life gets tough. Not to mention the horses are helpful too, for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you ❤ It has certainly been a lot in a short amount of time, but we're all trying to continue with positivity and small steps forward 🙂 The animals have certainly been helpful and I couldn't do much without my family support! They've been great ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So sorry for all the bad memories and times 😦 You deserve some great times ahead with your family and dogs and horses. Hugs to you and very proud of you all for going to court that must have been horrible 😦 And lets hope they fix you for good this time and you are less lame than Amber 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL less lame than Amber is ridiculously accurate haha! And thank you very much ❤ Despite its difficulties I still have good memories of the weekend and the time spent together with family ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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