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Kahlua Friday: Progress

There’s not┬ámuch progress, but hey, I’m gonna take what I can get haha. Go slow to go fast, right? There really wasn’t much to update last Friday. I had decided to try what had seemed to work before: when I backed off, Kahlua picked… Continue Reading “Kahlua Friday: Progress”

Kahlua Friday

I may not have a Weenie Wednesday, or a Schnauzer Sunday, but I figured I could create Kahlua Friday! It will be good for me to write down my process with Kahlua, and a few people requested I chronicle my adventures with her, so… Continue Reading “Kahlua Friday”

Meet Kahlua

Well, we’ve adopted a burro! Or, well, technically, my parents adopted the burro. But my mother is excited because she volunteered for me to halter break Kahlua and teach her to have her feet done. Yes, uh…. well, thanks, mom lol. She was just… Continue Reading “Meet Kahlua”