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Kahlua Friday: Burro Gentling

When we first got Kahlua, it was really hard for me to work with her. I liked it, but there was also always this sense of dread whenever I needed to work with her. I ended up putting a lot of pressure on myself… Continue Reading “Kahlua Friday: Burro Gentling”

Kahlua Friday: Progress

There’s not┬ámuch progress, but hey, I’m gonna take what I can get haha. Go slow to go fast, right? There really wasn’t much to update last Friday. I had decided to try what had seemed to work before: when I backed off, Kahlua picked… Continue Reading “Kahlua Friday: Progress”

Kahlua Friday

I may not have a Weenie Wednesday, or a Schnauzer Sunday, but I figured I could create Kahlua Friday! It will be good for me to write down my process with Kahlua, and a few people requested I chronicle my adventures with her, so… Continue Reading “Kahlua Friday”