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#tbt lrk3de

It’s here everyone! The best weekend all year! I suppose technically I could call this #TBT of Rolex because it was still Rolex when I attended last year. But man this was seriously the best event I’ve ever been to. If you’re interested in… Continue Reading “#tbt lrk3de”

Tack Haul

Okay, so finally, my tack haul from Rolex. Perhaps it may not seem like much, but it turns out to be a a fair amount since I’m omitting what I bought at the Rolex booth. Not for any reason. I just got a few shirts,… Continue Reading “Tack Haul”

Rolex 2017: Stadium

I got there about halfway through the jog up, and paused to watch Clark Montgomery lunging Loughen Glen in one of the arenas. It was really cool to watch them. Since I had never seen a jog up before, it was great to see… Continue Reading “Rolex 2017: Stadium”

Rolex 2017: Cross Country

My legs were on fire when I stepped out of bed. Not only had I walked far more than I did at home, but walking on all the asphalt and concrete in only sneakers was apparently not a good mix. I was so slow,… Continue Reading “Rolex 2017: Cross Country”

Rolex 2017: Dressage 1 & 2

What better way to start off a blog than with my trip to Rolex? Granted, it’s…3 weeks late, but better late than never, right? Last year, after watching the live feed of Rolex and getting through most of the summer watching the ERM series… Continue Reading “Rolex 2017: Dressage 1 & 2”