Sales make for great weekends

Many places had great sales this weekend for 4th of July. I was hoping RW was having a sale, but alas, not so. Either way, I still feel like I made out like a bandit.

So although Amber and I haven’t gone anywhere near dressaging yet (or jumping really, for that matter), I still found a few perfect things. Our local tack shop was having a 4th sale, and I’d been eyeing a few things in the store. Their sale was 15% regardless, 25% over $100 and 30% over $250. So of course I took advantage of that deal and bought a sparkle dressage pad (the plain patch I intend to DIY with our barn colors), a white Ogilvy with navy piping, and a dressage show shirt. The cool thing? The white, RJ Classics gulf breeches I wanted had been in the store only days before, so while I don’t have the breeches now, they’re on the truck back to Vegas AND since I got the 30% discount, the breeches were technically free. Can’t beat that!

Dachshund bonus!

Friday night we visited with a family that still are good friends of ours from our time in Hawaii. It was really great to be able to catch up with them. And of course, the food was awesome.

Brisket, mac n cheese and sweet potato fries. Yay for carbs!
Can’t forget the carrot cake!

Come Saturday my mom and I had our first official ride at home. It was great to have such space for the both of us to ride, and I know the horses really enjoyed it as well. My favorite part was us going out through the empty lots around us. We used to do it all the time, and just hadn’t been able to at the other place. There was an area where a heavy truck had made some pretty big divots and Amber looked down into it, paused to sniff it then took me excitedly over. Once out, it felt like she was looking for something else to tackle, and I have to admit it made me feel a bit giddy. Perhaps she really will like cross country.

Queen of the yawn face

And then she poses

But the ride was very beneficial in that with a nice, flat surface and plenty of room to ride I felt that she was still not-right. Her hip felt really turned in to the right, and she would stick it out to the left. I played around and did some lateral steps, and it was a total failure to the left. So, it gave me some really good info to take to the chiropractor/acupuncturist Sunday.

Turns out, Amber’s hip was twisted. It makes total sense, and I think it happened about 3-4 months ago when she popped up off one day. I’d massage her and she’d seem to feel better, but if it were her pelvis, then that explains why it’s persisted. The lady did more manipulation than the typical abrupt creek-crack-snap I think of when I hear the word chiropractor, which was fine with me. I’d rather it be a manipulation anyway. She also got out some large knots on the right side of Amber’s neck and manipulated her bones near her poll. I couldn’t capture the look on Amber’s face in time but the look in her eye was so funny as she was wondering whether or not she liked it. Ultimately, she definitely liked it:

It was a quick, short session, and she might need one next week, but I am completely fine with that. I could already see a difference in her after those quick, minor adjustments. No riding until Tuesday, just some hand walking and a little jogging, but anything to make sure she feels 100% percent again. It was cute though because after a quick “Oh!” from the lady, I asked if everything was okay and she just laughed and asked if Amber had had work done before. I explained I massaged her, and she laughed again and said “She knew just what to do; threw all her weight into me and surprised me!” It was a very nice appointment, and Amber looked so much better after. Per the chiropractor’s instructions I hand walked Amber later, and although she was still a little short on that hind leg, she was showing a string of really good steps where she’d reach like she used to.

Most of the afternoon was spent making Amber’s stall larger. We had 2 extra panels so why not? Amber now has a 24×24 run outside of her stall, and I think she really likes it. She already rolled twice, so I think it gets her approval.

I was really glad I could snatch that Ogilvy half pad with a sale. I’ve wanted to try it ever since Amber was noticeably more comfortable when I first tried the foam ECP pad. I couldn’t feel much of a difference when I used the Ogilvy Saturday, but I think that was due to the twisted hip. I’ll play around with both the Ogilvy and the Thinline.

I also was able to grab the anti-fungal line and a no-itch shampoo from Teddy’s Tack Trunk with their 4th of July sales code. I’m liking all this sale hunting….

What about you guys? What sales did you nab? What did you do with your horses this weekend?

3 Comments on “Sales make for great weekends

  1. glad Amber is feeling better after her adjustment! sometimes i wish they could just tell us what’s bothering them lol


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