And 2 steps back

Not much happened yesterday. I took Amber out for her walk/trot lunge and she was….very strange to say the least. Especially after she looked so promising Sunday. Her walk looked okay, but when she got to the jog she just looked really discombobulated. Very off on rhythm. She extended to a good trot for a bit, looked okay and then went back to looking weird. She was excited and cantered a bit, still seeming to have an outward bend. So I massaged her out a little, aaaaaaaaannnnnd it looked worse. So I stretched her legs under her, and she held her right hind really funky for a bit before she properly stretched. She looked a teensy bit better afterwards, but still moving weird and not wanting to put that right hind under her at all.

I contacted the vet/chiro that looked at her, asking some questions and seeing whether she needs to come back. I’m wondering if her muscles are just so so so so tight and stuck if she’s had this problem for a while and I haven’t caught it. Her muscles do look blobby instead of sleek in her butt, and since my shoulder issues I just don’t have the arm/body strength anymore to really try dig deep into her muscles. Maybe I should work on that today….

Even her healing from her knee surgery and suspensory didn’t feel this unknown and stressful, because dammit I want the bloody horse happy and body sound. Maybe I’m being way too overprotective mom. But I definitely think there’s something (probably a lot) going on back there that could very well be translating to why she’s still occasionally tripping on her right front. Definitely freaking out on the inside.

Maybe I just need to stretch her every day and massage her every other day for a month now. I dunno. I just wish she could speak and tell me what’s going on. But alas. Well, Amber’s been really good and sound for a while, so perhaps this is my year for horse trouble.

2 Comments on “And 2 steps back

  1. ugh i’m sorry 😦 if you were on the east coast i’d suggest testing for Lyme bc that’s basically what we do whenever a horse starts being nqr in ways that somewhat defy explanation. and it’s just so so so common here. hopefully tho you get it sorted!


    • That’s a good suggestion. I’ll look some stuff about Lyme :). Thanks! The vet is going to come in the next day or so to do acupuncture and laser therapy so I’m crossing my fingers!


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