So apparently, I was wrong. We did experience rain yesterday, and for a lot longer than fifteen minutes. It even hailed at my house! I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures of that, but the wind was atrocious. It slanted some of our trees and blew a few of our mats over. The worst was that the wind blew our well house over completely. The rain softened the dirt and the wind just lifted the wood  – put in 18″ mind you – right out. The house completely came apart and the metal is all mangled. It was enough to even split one of the lumber panels! Which now I’m wondering why I didn’t get a picture of that, but boy was that a bad storm!

Lovely flooding in the spare stalls

Then I found the perfect little spot that looked like a cute water obstacle! The above one is okay, but there’s a lot of cacti around there and that’s where we laid pipe so I don’t think it’s wise to take a big animal over that. So of course I had to quickly halter Amber and take her through because we’ll eventually be doing water.

She actually tried to walk on the sagebrush to avoid the water. I about died laughing. But she went in shortly with little hassle. She kept looking at me like WHY are we doing this and would side-eye me when all I’d do is laugh.

This’ll hold me right?

It wasn’t deep, but I think we had fun! Now if only I can convince my mom and dad that I need this area for whenever we school itsy bitsy water…..

Ma, I’d much rather play with this stuff than go through it…..

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