Down days

Since our ride was so awesome Wednesday, I was super pumped to ride Thursday. It was cloudy and lovely and not too hot so it would’ve been perfect. Except right when I was going to ride, my alarm went off to remind me of an appointment.

Womp womp.

Amber knows the feeling

I arrived around a half an hour early for my appointment, and wasn’t seen until an hour and fifteen minutes after my appointment time. Let’s just say that it put a damper on my plans.

Since I’m heading to Phoenix today to see a good friend for the weekend, I had to pack last night so I had a nice hack on Amber while my mom had a more serious ride. Which we just walked. And stood there. And I have to say it’s absolutely one of Amber’s favorite things.

Phoenix was supposed to be a fun camping weekend in Payson, but with the recent events of people dying in flash floods my friend and I decided it’d be for the best if we mostly kept it indoors.

But, uh, at least I got some pretty sky pictures?

Hopefully Amber and I will have a good ride this morning, and then it’s off to Phoenix for a non-horsey, but vacation-ish weekend with the best friend. What about you guys? What are your plans for the weekend?

Because skies like this are perty

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