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Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

I figured I may as well hop on the bloghop bandwagon! It’s been one helluva 2018 lol. Favorite Horse Show Photo It doesn’t look like much, but this was Whisper’s first show in at least 5 years, and my first show with her in… Continue Reading “Bloghop: Favorites of 2018”

Friday rambles (actually just pictures)

Well, I was going to have a different post ready for today, in which I forgot. Because it’s been that kind of week haha. So, have fun with a bunch of random pictures from this week haha. Happy Friday all!

Ye olde Friday

This week has been…..definitely the weirdest in a while. Remember when I said I had a great week at work but horrible riding? And then I’ve had awesome riding weeks and work was the absolute opposite? This week was like…..a jumble of that. Horrible… Continue Reading “Ye olde Friday”

Scratch monster

This has definitely become her new title. She will seriously step in front of me as I’m mucking and step on the muck rake to make sure I scratch her. I know I have encouraged this behavior, but it’s just so damn funny. Now… Continue Reading “Scratch monster”

Down days

Since our ride was so awesome Wednesday, I was super pumped to ride Thursday. It was cloudy and lovely and not too hot so it would’ve been perfect. Except right when I was going to ride, my alarm went off to remind me of… Continue Reading “Down days”

Weekends are for nothing

Because let’s face it, I really didn’t do anything. Unless you count finally sorting all of my tack that I need to sell/give away. Thursday and Friday Amber and I didn’t do anything in terms of excitement – mostly just more long warm-ups, trot… Continue Reading “Weekends are for nothing”

Hacking is awesome

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, except IT RAINED. In Vegas. I know. We were all shocked. And it ALSO got below 100 degrees at 3 pm. Which is unheard of, really. But it allowed my mom and I to ride on a beautifully watered arena… Continue Reading “Hacking is awesome”

The 4th and things

July 4th was not as bad as I was anticipating. Since Amber was weird Monday I just hopped on her bareback for a nice hack with my mom. Her walk felt okay but I could hear and feel that her hind feet were short… Continue Reading “The 4th and things”

Randomness and ramblings

Well, yeah cause there’s really nothing going on here. Since the barn is done, we’ve just been doing odds and ends around it. The grader finished the arena. It is gorgeous and I can’t wait to ride in it. Our QAA inspector came by… Continue Reading “Randomness and ramblings”