Kick this day….

… it’s sunshiny ass. I think I picked super apt socks for the day because it felt like I got a lot done.

But I was up early, and took the Nugget for a walk since it was really nice and cool. Even the old, sleepy doxie needs exercise! And you have to admit the doxie shuffle is adorableness.

I didn’t have to be at work yesterday until 9, so I took that opportunity for another ride. The walk served another purpose – waking up my sleepy ass. My muscles got nice and warmed up so it wasn’t a neither-of-us-are-awake-yet morning. Our ride was pretty much the same as Tuesday – I really had to work to get her out of her fast-step and into her uphill stride I’d found recently. I did have my stirrups up a hole from the last time I did dressage, which is only 2 holes down from my jump legs, but the length felt better yet still weird.

I may go back to one hole down again and see if I just had a really bad day last time or if the longer length is better/achievable as well now that I am working more on position and getting stronger. I’ll mess around with it and see as I keep watching the Master Dressage videos.

Please tell her I can go back to sleep

Amber’s focus was just not there. It wasn’t there Tuesday, but yesterday it was worse. Perhaps it was that the ride was so early and she was still asleep? She just really didn’t want to accept the contact and work into it – which I totally think is because after western week she realized this was totally harder. But after a couple softening exercises she finally began to switch to what we were doing and to push herself into work a bit better.

I did short spurts, and when I focused on my position, again – magically came together. Of course. But those short spurts help me remember the feeling, and for her to remember it as well. She absolutely showed up for her canter. I kept trying to remember what I’d learned on Tuesday – I was literally talking out loud to myself “long thigh long thigh long thigh.” But it worked! I was able to sit a little taller, hold it a little longer, and her canter felt really nice. Even her right lead was really good, and her transition was stellar! Probably one of the best transitions I’ve ever felt with her. It felt uphill, pushing off of her butt and she was ready in the contact from the first stride.

Ma, can we go in now? She does look pretty tired lol

While the beginning wasn’t really there, all that matters is how it ends. And I’d say it ended great! A very successful ride. My thighs, however, will be killing me.

On another good note, it’s really great to see Amber’s tone and weight changing. I’ve been taking photos from the right a lot recently since I always thought she looked super weird on that side (twisted hip) and now that it’s worked out I think she’s looking much better. Still has a hay belly, but I think she’s looking less fat a little more toned. She’s now even gone from a 30″ monoflap girth to a 28″. Sweet. And yet, still a fat pony hunter right now haha.

A few months ago with major hay belly and twisted hip (looks a bit blobby)
I think her muscles in her hip look softer yet more toned, and less hay belly!

4 Comments on “Kick this day….

  1. ha cute socks! it was always reassuring to finally look at those confo pics of my last mare too as she started trimming down. takes forever but it does eventually happen!


  2. love Amber’s expressions. They crack me up. If she could roll her eyes at you she would. Love your monoflap too!! Jealous. And she looks very good to me. Some QHs never slim down in the belly (cough cough ask how I know). We have had two dachsies in our life and they both shuffled like that. Adorable. Love a dachshund. Big dog in a tiny body.

    Remus also has days where there is no give or oomph at all. Esp for flat work. Like just to get a decent trot is hard hard work. So great job getting her to give in a bit.


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