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NSHA V show: part 1

Friday was a day off of work, which was providence because I hadn’t gotten to ride Wednesday or Thursday. So, I made a point to practice a few things – a few goes over poles for trail, our left to right simple changes, and… Continue Reading “NSHA V show: part 1”

Off kilter

Wednesday was a really odd day. Thankfully, Amber is doing just fine and is looking great, although unfortunately not any thinner. So thankfully while there is nothing wrong with Amber, I’ve been feeling off kilter for most of the week. I’ve been getting pounding… Continue Reading “Off kilter”

Flat prep

Tuesday I had limited time to ride between getting home late from work and then dusk being upon us very quickly. But we made it out there as fast as we could while still taking enough time for stretches. I of course had to… Continue Reading “Flat prep”

Let the anticipation begin

So, uh. I did a thing, guys. I signed up for the September show. But, that’s not the crazy thing. I signed up for not one, but TWO dressage tests. Uhh…..what now? Both are the Intro tests so walk/trot, but one is actual dressage… Continue Reading “Let the anticipation begin”

Back at it

Amber got her feet trimmed! And they look so pretty. The clouds came over shortly after work, so I got all dressed and ready to go….aaaaaaand the wind started. Which in turn brought the rain. But thankfully, it didn’t last long (boy has it… Continue Reading “Back at it”

Coming together

Tuesday’s ride almost didn’t happen. I hadn’t been feeling well, but decided to ride at the last minute, and I’m so glad I did. It was close to feeding time, and at the other place Amber would let out the general extent of her… Continue Reading “Coming together”

Showin’ up

Yesterday morning’s ride was really good. It wasn’t really much different from Tuesday or Wednesday with the exception that Amber was absolutely ready to go. Literally. She walked away from her food as soon as I got her grooming bucket out and waited for… Continue Reading “Showin’ up”

Kick this day….

…..in it’s sunshiny ass. I think I picked super apt socks for the day because it felt like I got a lot done. But I was up early, and took the Nugget for a walk since it was really nice and cool. Even the… Continue Reading “Kick this day….”

Downhill dive

It’s actually fascinating for me that I’m delving into dressage and jumping and then I go back to western as well and ride that in between. It’s just a real eye-opener with how much dressage and cross training helps any horse across any discipline.… Continue Reading “Downhill dive”

A little too sticky

Amber and I had a pretty good ride yesterday morning. It was only half an hour but I’m pretty sure the first fifteen minutes was the both of us just waking up. We were not all there brain wise. Alas, it was just too… Continue Reading “A little too sticky”

Smooth ride

Tuesday I was finally able to get Amber out and go for a short ride. It was absolutely amazing the difference I felt in just her walk right away. She was so much smoother, and she also just felt so much more content. The… Continue Reading “Smooth ride”

The slow work

Yesterday was a nice short ride. Amber felt a little stiff, not wanting to reach through her back and I figured she was a bit sore. It showed up in her canter as well, but she was as responsive as she could be with… Continue Reading “The slow work”


I know I posted about my show clothes just recently, but we all know how that can change. And mine has. Not for my jump or western saddle though – keeping those without a doubt. But I had originally mentioned that I wanted to… Continue Reading “The GSH”